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  1. Quite a pleasant evening with the south breeze. Doesn’t feel like 80 degrees outside.
  2. ict1523

    may 10-16 convection

    Initial wind impressive. After that, meh.
  3. Lots of lightning, cloud to ground strikes, some loud thunder also. Not much else. Not bad.
  4. The rain has stopped and the sky has brightened up, but the gusts are still very strong.
  5. My roof is leaking. One of the most intense windswept downpours I’ve seen in a while. A lull right now.
  6. ict1523

    April 2nd Snow Wave

    About an inch with all surfaces covered and moderate to heavy snow.
  7. ict1523

    Winter 2017-18 Grade

    B+. Would have been a solid A if not for the February mishap.
  8. A nice steady snow continues. Beautiful outside.
  9. It's been trying for a while, but it looks like it may finally be happening.
  10. Snow starting to pick up just as it looks as if the tip of the band is starting to hit the South Bronx on radar.
  11. Snow is picking back up in Mott Haven. Massive flakes.
  12. Around 4" here in Mott Haven. We've gone over to a sleet/snow mix.
  13. Flurries have transitioned to light snow in the south Bronx.
  14. I think its impressive how stable our temperatures have been this month. Outside of March 1st, the rest of the days have featured a daily average between 35F - 42F. Only a 7 degree difference over 17 days. During the month of February there were 16 occurrences where a day's daily average temperature was equal to or greater than +/- 7F the day before.
  15. Peeked outside and the grassy/colder surfaces are whitened. Snow falling.