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  1. This was a dud. Just some occasional thunder and lightning. Never got anything more than moderate rain. This morning in Long Island was a different story though. Torrential downpours with some fairly loud thunder.
  2. Nonstop lightning, a couple of really loud rumbles of thunder and torrential rain in central Queens right now. Got so dark the streetlights came on.
  3. A grainy light snow in Greenpoint as well.
  4. Eyeballing about 6-7" here in the South Bronx. A light to moderate snow/graupel mix continues to fall with gusty winds, but nothing major, probably gusting into the mid 30s. Never went to rain or above freezing here. Had the upper levels stayed colder, totals could have been much higher. Still, a respectable mid March winter storm.
  5. Heavy sleet, gusty winds. At least we know the sleet will stick around on the ground for a while.
  6. Sleet banging on my roof and windows here in the Bronx.
  7. Had a few sleet pellets here in the South Bronx as well.
  8. Just had a loud rumble of thunder. Some on and off rain, but nothing too heavy yet.
  9. Overhead canopy at a gas station off the LIE in Fresh Meadows collapsed...assuming wind related.
  10. Still heavy snow here, but not the can't see across the street type anymore. Did not get to hear any thunder.
  11. Intensity has let up a bit in the south Bronx. Looks like we are in between two heavier bands of snow.
  12. Heavy snow with fairly strong gusts as well. Can barely see across the highway.
  13. Sleet mixed in with some mangled flakes.
  14. Still coming down decently here. Nice little storm.