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  1. Nothing severe here. Gusty winds, a lot of lightning, some thunder, and heavy rain.
  2. Quite a dramatic build up to this storm with really dark clouds, gusty winds, and nonstop CTG lightning and thunder.
  3. Close to a heatwave early next week in Quebec. Montreal forecasted to go into the low 90s on Wednesday with upper 80s on Tuesday and Thursday.
  4. Wind whipped snow and rain mix. May 9th. NYC. Quite impressive.
  5. And I have wind whipped snow mixing in. Yay!
  6. Yea, but if you noticed, we got a report of flakes mixing in from Brooklyn and Jersey City. So I thought it was worth a shot to check.
  7. Stepped outside but didn't catch any flakes in northern Manhattan.
  8. Came close to ruining our below normal streak today, but at 65/44 we still registered a -1, making it the 11th consecutive day of BN temperatures.
  9. I might be in the minority but I do not think this spring has been that bad so far. We've actually had a solid number of dry, sunny days in between the rain. Does anyone know where to find the charts that show monthly cloud cover at various stations?
  10. Quite often actually. Last week was windier than it is now. I live right next to the Hudson so we are no strangers to windstorms.
  11. Kind of surprised, the winds here in northern Manhattan are not that impressive. A few gusts probably up to 40mph, but even they aren't consistent. There are moments where it is completely calm.
  12. I’m not going outside to verify but I hear some pinging on my window a/c unit. Yay?
  13. I escaped to Quebec where there's mountains of snow, but still relatively warm temps.
  14. Moscow has not had a day with a departure of less than +10 since December 4th. They averaged +14.0 for December, and so far, as of January 25th, they are averaging +21.6 for January. Their January minimum is 20F as of right now.
  15. It is hot out there today. Broke a sweat walking to the gym. Granted its half a mile uphill but still...
  16. Getting another burst of snow right now in Hamilton Heights. Sticking to all surfaces.
  17. Steady light snow here in Hamilton Heights. Has given the car tops a fresh coating.
  18. A few snowflakes mixing in with the rain and sleet in Jersey City.
  19. Unfortunately heavy rain isn't defined by whether it excites you or not.
  20. You could have used heavy rain in this paragraph a few more times to make sure we'd definitely get your point. And yes, there is a burst of heavy rain right now here in Hamilton Heights.