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  1. Love that first jump you did over that waterfall! Just checked in at Jay Peak Stateside. Hoping we get the 3-5inches tomorrow night into Saturday to cover up the hardpack.
  2. Nice! in 1993, I remember Stratton getting 27”. Maybe I’m wrong. But I have that number in my head. (Maybe it was Albany NY that got 27”) Hunter Mtn Jacked with 48” in that one. We didn’t ski that Sunday because It was bitterly cold and the upper lifts were on wind hold and they were charging full price tickets. There was a rediculous amount of snow up there in Bondville since they already had a deep snowpack (4 feet or so) prior to the 1993 Blizzard. Last March was Epic for Southern VT with about 80” of snow between the 4 NorEasters within a 15 day period. I was fortunate enough to partake of that bounty at Magic, Okemo and Killington.
  3. Looks awesome! With such an Deep snowpack, what is the anticipated closing date this year? Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. WOW!! That is a boatload of snow! Where is that and approximately what elevation? You guys have it so good up there!
  5. Good call on avoiding the rain. I think snow surface quality trumps terrain. I have a shot at a good experience at Jay Peak in a 11 days, but it would be hard to equal what you guys had this past weekend. I’m glad you were able to get some despite your injury. Be careful and heal up! I have a fondness for Stratton. It was my first big mountain I ever skied . Also skied there during the March 1993 Super Storm Blizzard until the lifts closed at 4PM. That was insane. Took over an hour to drive to the Red Sled motel just down the road and I was driving right behind a snowplow. There was thunder and lightning- the whole 9 yards!
  6. Looks like a picture perfect day. That was the dream weekend Spring Day of the year. Looks like you got some air! Noice!
  7. Nice Mountain! Another Anti-Resort for sure. Skied there years ago when chasing the best snow. Since they were the furthest southeast- got the best snows from that particular storm.. similar feel to Magic, Plattekill and Bolton Valley.
  8. So Jealous of everyone who got out there!! What mountain did you go to? At this point, I feel like going to the tanning salon with my goggles on!
  9. Nice Pics!! Yeah, I know Platty was money today! 18 inches of new snow and all that sunshine. If there ever was a weekend to hit Plattekill, this was it. Glad you were able to cash in!!! Taking a few ski weekends off and then hitting Jay Peak April 4-7th. I want to help them break the 400” mark.
  10. Congrats to you guys who are able to ski/ride this weekend. Between powder day Saturday and bluebird on Sunday with temps close to 40, it’s arguably the best weekend all season to hit the mountains. Unfortunately I’ve got other obligations that kept me from attacking the mountains.
  11. Totally agree with everything you said. I’ve come to realize that skiing a double black diamond in good snow is a lot of fun, and I’m confident my turns, but skiing the same terrain on sheets of ice would be much more intimidating and for good reason. Same trail, but difficultly and hazards increase with lack of snow quality. I’ve taught many people how to ski and one thing I noticed is spring conditions makes for easy learning. The snow is relatively slow, soft and easy to sink an edge into. I rate snow quality on a scale of 1-10. If I think it will not at least be a 6, I won’t bother skiing it. Many times the snow starts out at a 7.5 and decrades to a 6 by end of day. Or vice versa if it’s thawing from a hard freeze overnight. I skied Killington in January after a Rainer/cutter. Rain ended during the early morning hours on Saturday..say 3AM. Temps then dropped to about 32 by 8AM and was in the teens by 4PM. You could not have worse timing for the weekend. I convinced my group to sit out Saturday and let them blow snow for 24hrs and ski on Sunday. We did just that. I then mapped out all of the trails with a highlighter which either had snowmaking within past 24 hrs or were making snow during that day. Even using my strategy, the snow surface was between a 2 and 6. I think Okemo would have recovered better in that situation. They have an impeccably deadly grooming/snowmaking routine. Not the most challenging mountain, but they do have their wheelhouse. When the snow is good, I’m hot dogging it under the lift, when the snow is bad, I’m more like a scared cat, LOL! Totally want to hit some mtn this weekend with the forecasted Spring Dump. I have other stuff to do, so I don’t think I’ll pull the trigger. Hitting Jay Peak in 2 weeks though. Ski in/out becomes affordable there at Stateside Hotel late season!! Jason
  12. Oh man! I pray you make a speedy recovery. One thing I have learned from reading this thread this year is that Skiing/riding on ice is just not safe. It’s not a matter of whether it’s a pleasant snow surface or not. I had previously thought that skiing on ice just required more skill. When I see a really really good skier, they look confident in all conditions (maybe they shouldn’t be). When I ski on ice, I’m much more timid and cautious with my turns. After reading of all the injuries this year with these freeze/thaw cycles, I will be extra vigilant to not ski in crappy/Icey conditions.
  13. Sorry to hear about your friends injury. This was one of the few situations where the poconos had better snow. Was visiting a friend in the Harrisburg PA area. Skied a small fun mountain (only 600ft vertical) called Roundtop. With temps around 45, snow had prime spring conditions. Points north such as Catskills, VT, etc were all ice. No thanks. Did that earlier this year at Killington. I had a rude reminder of how much I dislike skiing on ice.
  14. Skied last Sunday March 3rd at Plattekill. Conditions were great. Then took off work this past Friday (March 8th) and hit Platty again. Friday was excellent! Got 25 runs in 5 hrs as you could just ski onto each lift without anyone in front of you.