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  1. Never and a long time - which one is it?
  2. This sounds like what people were saying in late December....winter will be here in mid-January. NOT. This could very well be a year with out a summer but it will be a warm fall....
  3. Shouldn't the wavelengths be shortening? There has no zero hint of that!
  4. Did we have this look once all winter??
  5. seem like it will be raw, wet and cold for the foreseeable future.
  6. Humid and wettish like last summer....not very hot. Next winter will be crappy as well. Seems like we are way off on -NAO timing and have been for years.
  7. Well, I posted this on January 28th. "I'd bet this upcoming Spring will be cold and raw"
  8. And notice in Seattle it's a list full of Fall/Winter months. This is absurd/crappy weather
  9. you arent going to hit 3"
  10. yeah id bet every model gonna bust for south shore of LI...no way we see 6-9" 2018-2019 strikes again
  11. im not so sure the models that pushed those higher totals well north will be right.
  12. not sure the south shore of LI is going to get anywhere the forecasted amounts. This is looking like a sloppy 2-4"
  13. weatherlogix

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    what part of the south shore of LI? How far inland?