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It was a Flop... February 2024 Disco. Thread


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16 hours ago, DavisStraight said:

I didn't realize how bad it is in Northen Main this winter.

Lack of snow cancels longest sled dog race in eastern United States (yahoo.com)

Snow on the course is thinner than usual, but IMO it was the forecast between now and start time that nailed the coffin shut.  (As noted in the linked article)

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16 hours ago, NW_of_GYX said:

All time rat. Still think 15-16 was worse here though. Anyone have temp departures for DJF that year? 

15-16 DJF here was 23.45 and a year ago, 23.64.  With 3 days left, we're at 23.53.  I think we'll sneak ahead, maybe around 23.7, though a lot depends on when the CF crashes the temp, as that will likely determine Wed's min and Thurs' max, which will probably occur at the same time.

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15 minutes ago, Layman said:

Bright sun here aaaaaand....44 degrees.

I love the coast but sometimes she just won't let you enjoy it!  

Not until July.  Most nice spring days turn into a sea breeze and/or fog.  I'll swim in the ocean in any weather, though, and that usually means I don't have to install until then, too.

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