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2 hours ago, pazzo83 said:

yeah it's pretty common for there to be snow up there and "white rain" downtown.

looks like DCA got down to 33F - 34F downtown here.

Yup, saw this all the time when I lived in AdMo/Woodley Park (roughly 175' asl) and worked on L St. Lots of marginal events where I walked to work in snow boots because of an inch or two of slush in my neighborhood, only to take the metro downtown and the sidewalks were bare. There were even a few events where that ~125' difference was enough to turn it into a wintry mix from all snow.

Lots of tall buildings covered in materials that like to hold onto heat will do that!

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14 hours ago, CAPE said:

Lowlands ftw.B)

It was really wild driving around this morning. I had to run and get some last minute ingredients this morning. I left the house at 7:45am and it was 41. I drop about 400' into a lower area down near 70. It was 33 with heavy frost. Pretty interesting living up here. Last week it was raining until a half mile from my house. I came up one last hill and boom. Suddenly it was all snow. 

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1 hour ago, nj2va said:

40 with light rain. Snowpack is getting beat up. 

Yea this was what I was afraid of. Pushed back our first ski runs till tomorrow since today is a wash out. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but 50! Guess we should be thankful there is any snow at all but the next couple weeks aren't looking great for more snowmaking. 

Hope your big gathering went well! We overdosed on food and took advantage of the sunny mid 50s to walk some calories off :scooter:

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3 hours ago, leesburg 04 said:

Woke up to some cleansing rain and a shitty taste cleaning Vikings win. That would have been a long ass 10 days if they had lost last night....lots to clean up on defense but whew JJ is all beast.

The contract that JJ is going to get will be something.


A few days ago it looked like today was going to be a dreary one, but we have blue sky breaking out.  Not bad at all.

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2 hours ago, Eskimo Joe said:

Seems like a possible.high wind threat Wed into Thusday, no? We do seem to do that well.

I've been looking at that. That's a strong and fast moving cold front. Whether we get a pressure surge w/ rapid pressure rises and/or sufficient mixing immediately behind the front or not, I could definitely see the potential of a line of strong gusty low-topped convection along said front.

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