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March 12 Rain to…more rain? Maybe some snow


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12 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

What a day 


You can tell from the impact he was likely going way too fast for the conditions. That looks like an impact well over 30 mph, maybe close to 40mph.

People in Trucks and SUVs seem to always overestimate their traction. Most of the time they manage to get to where they go without incident, but their experience is deceptive, it’s a situation where 1 out of 50 times you will lose control and since it’s icy, you don’t lose much speed before impact and it can get fatal. Good thing for air bags and seatbelts in this case because otherwise that crash there has more than enough energy to be fatal

I crawl when there is snow and ice and I try and avoid highways full of overconfident drivers if I can. Humans underestimate the consequences and risks of slick roads. Cars and icy roads haven’t been around long enough for humans to have evolved good judgement. You don’t think you’re going to fast but you would be wrong.

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