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  1. finally getting nicer out
  2. well first heat wave of 2017 in the books...seems to be getting easier and easier to hit 90 degrees over the past decade or so crazy, mid atlantic climate on the doorstep folks
  3. if today busts out west you will have missed nothing there so far, in fact they are having one of the quietest seasons I can recall
  4. I thought you worked there...could have sworn I saw evidence of that in here over the years....I thought you were in charge of something big there but not gaming related
  5. Foxwoods bc I am going tomorrow and the other day was hot and they didn't have the ac on
  6. that's still warm and they better have the AC on tomorrow!!
  7. snow tonight in the berks??
  8. I love this weather, I will these chilly dark days with an occasional bluebird 70 max (like today) through November
  9. lol at the thread title spelling
  10. the coast gets warm on nw flow this time of year Kevin
  11. yea!! get rid of this heat coming tomorrow
  12. ghastly, hope your happy
  13. horrible heat today, just grotesque, green house gone wild all the dry heat bs is just that bs
  14. 1 from the sleet fest a week ago, keep forgetting
  15. No. Never mind the stupid snow maps, I clearly get what you are saying in that regard but there were a thousand posts here about models going insane with ccb in your area and isothermal this and that frankly if this system had really been worth it's salt it would have flashed you guys over to heavy snow for several hours, at the end of the day the dynamics were not that amazing outside of having the advantage of using the meek one's available to produce a lot of precip from a deep excellent moisture source the forecast was actually pretty good back here, an inch or so of sleet and slop, I don't think anyone back here expected anything more dynamics that matter are Valentines day 2014, 3/1/97, 12/23/97, late jan 2011 nyc bomb, 3/1888 and so on