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  1. so am I, that would make me so happy bc for that to happen there would have to be insane rates and probably thunder and lightening.....that would be paralyzing
  2. I should save that nam snowfall forecast and frame it right next to the pics of my dogs in the dining room
  3. the guy in tan shouldn't feel so bad, the map had me at 0.00 too lol
  4. to have a wet snow reach a depth of 20-30 inches considering the compaction and melting from underneath really speaks to the obscene rates which you guys experienced plus the insane winds which also often have a negative effect on overall snow depth
  5. I would give a lot to have seen what that was like in eastern mass, where I lived in Bristol Ct we had 14 inches or so and no thunder or anything, rates may have briefly hit 2/hr but it was steady 1/hr stuff......impressive but I think April 82 ( I was only 9/10 but remember deep powder and schools closed for 3 days straight!) was much better there anyways
  6. floods suck, hope for a 97 redux
  7. spiders and ticks active down here in the deep south
  8. had some flurries earlier and some sleet...on southerly winds 3/24
  9. so then the jma is one of the more reliable and predictable long range wx models?
  10. never even heard of that guy, Ben Noll
  11. good for you! I know you love it up there
  12. I think hpn north still sees at least one more measurable snow/sleet event before we really start worrying about rotating updrafts and such
  13. omg that's awesome, love it!
  14. crazy windy, windiest month I have observed here in dv in the 12 years I have been here
  15. you are correct about the south facing spots for sure but holding onto solid snow cover for a solid week tomorrow mid to late morning is not too shabby for mid March and the peak depth here last Tuesday afternoon of 11 inches serious man snow and some pretty serious cold until today anyways