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  1. how bout a mid March 07 redux for you guys!
  2. imagine if the dark orange colors represented 2 foot plus snow amounts and this was a snow forecast map or storm history for the next big one...
  3. sounds like a sales pitch
  4. I think global warming is happening at an alarming rate. Every year the sun feels stronger and it seems warmer and warmer getting into my car even during the coldest of days when the sun angle is weakest (dec/jan) I spend quite a bit of time outside, the sun feels stronger all the time and much more so than 10-15 years ago. Also when anyone brings up the cold weather in Feb/ March a couple years ago, please remember that while we were freezing, most of the rest of the world was on fire There are more bugs more active for longer periods of time every year There is no doubt in my mind we are warming at an alarming rate
  5. this snowman is melting...........
  6. omg 1995 Carmen Elektra lolol, I got warm and fuzzy when I read that best post of the month.....right up there with the great posts from Zeus!
  7. I don't know if this thread or the ME field trip gone amuck thread is funnier but both provided me with belly laughs today....thanks gentlemen
  8. crazy amounts of black ice on some side roads here in dv
  9. yup, no more leaving groceries in the car for an hour or two while doing errands
  10. sounds good, both you and cef usually do a bit better so that makes more sense
  11. the 38.7 just north of me seems kind of low too, I am almost five inches higher and if anything I may have under measured by an inch or so
  12. well for some of us we have already had five days of relatively boring weather, with another 10 or so enroute lol
  13. yup, I saw a spider outside today crawling up a cement stoop...never have seen that before outside in February ever
  14. you have seen things many of us westerners will never see