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  1. any chance it gets breezy and mild for a few hours with no precip b4 the deep freeze to minimize black ice etc?
  2. there is still plenty of December left for sne to get another 3 to 6 or so inches to bring them to roughly normal for Dec snow but the kinds of storms that bring a foot to the ski areas after a mix or rain here have been so sparse for well over a decade take away the localized upslope events and bigger nne events can be counted practically on one hand in the last decade, i want to include the northern half of cne too
  3. this really is a climo appropriate event and it is nice to see the places which should get crushed (nne) get what really is rightfully theirs...sne can only luck out so many times
  4. reading between the lines for a few days now this was never really a storm for sne, maybe nw ct and nw mass gets a quick thump but south and east of mpm this is just some slush and rain (maybe some zr though in a few places) we had our event and it was better than i thought it would be
  5. this could easily be a rain/sleet event in the hfd/spfd zone..but there will be a nice glacier base just in case lol
  6. that is kind of ambitious....
  7. 5.5 final
  8. 5.5 final
  9. well that is different then but there were some issues in se/e ct
  10. there are some issues with all the big events...dec 2003, feb 2003 etc but whatever...i do think things overall are getting better in regards to box screening out junk totals though
  11. and you just proved another point for which i have long been heckled on here....this is the difference between what i had in feb 13 vs much of ct 22 vs 32 etc of course to any snow weenie or wx fanatic worth his/her salt it's crazy noticeable and a big deal
  12. what was the diference between Marshfield and where you were working? A foot?
  13. the whole wiping the board thing is a little suspicious anyways for any storm regardless of what nws says, i think up to a few inches is fine but like 1/15 eastern sne blizzard there were lots of 30 inch totals but peak depths 20-22 due to long duration and compacting....at what point does that get out of control??
  14. a weather weenie acquaintance of mine who lives up here went to the cape for the blizzard and said he never saw anything like it, he said 30 plus easy(33-34) never ever did he see anything like that up here, he was so glad he went...he said it made our 20-24 feb 13 look like childs play
  15. looking like just under 6....very nice event hope the C&I comes through later....wetter than I thought too