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  1. The cold isn't that far away next week. I wouldn't write the middle and end of the week off just yet
  2. Solid ten inches below seasonal avg so need a few more odds and ends
  3. Estimating 2 inches....brightening skies with occasional flurries...25f...was hoping for more
  4. Nice to see it snow right to the beaches and it was a gorgeous day at bid
  5. That would be wild if we soared into the 40s or 50s. It would only take about six warm hours and rain to erase the 4-7 inch pack here. It's just funny to me, instead of bulletproof it gets gunned down lol
  6. Already torched upstairs, just had a ip/zr shower, now the sun is trying to come out
  7. Twc has us as several hours of snow tomorrow on their graphic, is there any support for this? They have our area NCT/WMA in 1 to 3 inches
  8. Is this just a little zr to a very cold rain for most of us? I had a nice snow shower with a coating last night so I figure the snow part is done.
  9. So the steady precipitation arrives Tuesday morning?
  10. Omg if there are any women in here please speak up!
  11. Well this got real ugly real fast for snow lovers, at least to the pike...maybe rt 2
  12. No slant sticking by the cod and tog on Noman's either!