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  1. yup, and unlike feb 13 they got to see it all in broad daylight! maybe different for you but jan 11 storm didn't produce any incredible rates during the day either
  2. I hope he gets his ice storm and it is just a chilly soaking rain here, this one is for the birds....this isn't a pattern where high pressures are winning the battle I just hope they get crushed in the north but I worry this trends to a modest thump up there before mixing and changing over
  3. it is kind of depressing to have such a system during what should be the coldest time of year have these issues to begin with but maybe if there was ample cold air there would be no storm? bummer anyways I think 1998 had a bunch of rainers with bm tracks or tracks which normally would favor a snowier outcome and also a bummer we really are loosing this whole month in areas inland I know feb may be better but it is hard to not feel that this winter is on very shaky ground...even for nne and c/nne they need some more robust events before I would be declaring any kind of victories there
  4. kumbaya
  5. lolol this event is a hot mess
  6. sun still out, kinda nice day
  7. I would wish that on nobody, bad enough the severe wx risks but ice events aren't exactly rare in that part of the country prone to very shallow cold air in the winter.
  8. HUGE Martha Wash fan here!
  9. charmed life for nyc snow enthusiasts rolls right along, partner visiting family in nyc area reported almost two inches yesterday and still had proof on the car after arriving back home in dv, I continue to raise my glass to that area and they get to be well above avg with lots of snow too...win win
  10. crickets lol
  11. how much otg on the level now? 4 feet?
  12. yeah, sometimes the upslope has solid qpf but that and lake effect (buffalo october event a few years back) is the butt of a lot of weather jokes.....as fluffy as several feet of lake effect is....I dare someone with a big truck to drive right through it