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  1. where were you for that one and how much?
  2. wow an F5 on todays enhanced scale?
  3. we had to get 2-2.5 inches down there in under two hours
  4. mother of God is it pouring...I wonder if I complain like this will it work in Springfield in the winter when you guys are S++++ and I am s----
  5. lolol it just got real interesting down here in a hurry
  6. well for the vast majority of us including down here at work in Galilee the box forecast was a huge fail, we had some sprinkles....in the winter time there would be epic melt downs by many including me if they took to heart the box forecast discussion last night and first thing this morning....
  7. If I thought the wishcasting in winter was intense, never ever, have I seen such epic grasping at straws as in the Hurricane threads for both Maria and Irma.
  8. James called it days ago
  9. agreed, and he has a genuine enthusiasm for weather....he is no different than a few other folks on here and he adds more analysis and logic to his posts than those folk(whether or not the perception is perceived as accurate from the schooled mets/academics is debatable)...but he tries...so at worst he is a little dramatic at least he doesn't rip and read from twitter and facebook...that is huge!
  10. I believe you willed this into fruition
  11. so glad someone said it
  12. just like winter with the gfs showing some monster event and then Dr. No saying....not so much like that Mr. Gfs my forecast....track se 40/70 benchmark...worst effects in the same places that get all the snow in the winter, big swells screws up fishing for awhile but no one looses life or limb
  13. crushed with rain again...wow!!
  14. Rain was epic yesterday, we had to receive at least 3 inches...maybe 4? 4 rounds and the one around 11 pm was no slouch either!!