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March 12 Rain to…more rain? Maybe some snow


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22 minutes ago, tavwtby said:

good thing Monday will erase any of the mess, I ain't cleaning anything but the sidewalk and deck

Almost up to 2" - will do the steps and clean the cars before they freeze, and the rest gets left to March away.  Hope the plow stays away, at least until the temp is way below 32.   If it came now the top inch of gravel gets piled next to our place and impedes the letter carrier.  Trees are white but far short of limb-threatening load.  Only way we'd lose power would be someone sliding into a pole.  (Or of we get those 40 kt gusts later.)

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23 minutes ago, RUNNAWAYICEBERG said:

Lol. Yup, ended with around 1.5” here on grass and decks but it is cold and the wind is whipping…feels like Jan, a consolation prize I suppose. 

Winter has been bleeding out far too long, let’s just amputate already.

Amputation is an attempt to save. I say cut the jugular. 

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2 minutes ago, dendrite said:

There’s definitely a large swath of light snow regenerating, but our RH is 80% and dropping so I’m not too excited about any accums more than a coating here. 

I know I've already mentioned but will again for the general audience. -

This whole ordeal was very ANA like by behavior.  The models depicted cyclone tracking along the boundary ...so it was more than that. But, it still was toting along some characteristics of the ANA...with undercutting RH deformation 850 mb flow with S wind over top. The models always think that's wringing out big moisture, but like you say ( and is part of why ANA's are typically over billed - ), that happens. It ends up being flurries under undulating virga plumes. 

The cold front was deep and powerful anyway?  It seems to have a deep pressure trough - I suspect the low riding along that sort of over marketed its strength.  Nevertheless, we're going to have to recover from 982 to 985 mb pressures here over the next several hrs and the winds likely voice its opinion over roof tops.

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