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Feb 24-25, 2022 Ice/Sleet/Rain/Snow (yeah sure) Storm Thread


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8 hours ago, Always in Zugzwang said:

One hundred percent your posts continue to lack so much as an iota of insightful content. 

But he usually speaks the truth. It’s kind of funny how all the analysis  on here is usually wrong and all the negative JI posts essentially verify. Really one of the best sources of info on here for what will really happen. 

6z gfs is way north with this now. Major changes. 


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8 hours ago, Ji said:
8 hours ago, Always in Zugzwang said:
That has been pretty clear for some time now. My point about post content stands and I'll leave it at that. 

Lol I've hardly posted the past few weeks but okay. Feel free to use ignore if you don't like my great insight

If bull c*** = accumulating snow, I'd be pouring $5 a gal. gas into the snowblower.

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6 minutes ago, Ji said:
2 hours ago, stormtracker said:
What do you mean?  My 1" of sleet and 1/2" of ice at 30 degrees is 100% believable.   I'm all in.

Nam handles cad better. Make Cosgrove proud

zr line will be cutting through Hoochie Coochie, WV to Awfulsburg, MD to JankAss, PA through Peasandcarrots, NY

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