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  1. I am sitting up at 1800 Feet on the Chautauqua Ridge at Peek N Peak wondering what my potential is here for the band as it sinks South later today? Amy ideas?
  2. Looking at this radar loop, does that band continue into NW PA and SW NY? Is there no radar in that area?
  3. Ok, I apologize, but I am going to ask a stupid question. When considering wind direction for Lake Effect purposes, are we looking at surface wind direction, 700, 850 or 925? Thanks.
  4. On a side note, thanks so much for your analysis all the time. I very rarely post, but appreciate you and other posters very much. I am going to be at Peek N Peak in Chautaqua County from this evening till Wednesday about noon and am hoping I get stuck there for a day or two more!!! I am looking forward to tracking this the next few days!
  5. Yes, at this range so much can happen with regards to so many factors that will ultimately determine who gets how much that it seems very safe to follow the generic wording KBUF is in their long range. "The magnitude and depth of the cold air, available moisture, and position of upper level features all look to be FAVORABLE FOR A SIGNIFICANT LAKE EFFECT SNOW EVENT east of Lakes Erie and Ontario. Obviously at this time range specifics are not possible in terms of location and amounts. Stay tuned."
  6. The NAM did well up this way with last week's event. There is no recent to discount it here this week.
  7. NAM says Sunday's event clearly trending colder
  8. UKIE snow map does not look that much different than the Icon, GFS and Euro.
  9. I thought we had a "banter" thread, but I guess if we aren't in "Storm Mode" anything goes anywhere.
  10. Or maybe they have foretasted the weather for Northern Maryland long enough to know that the models are almost always too quick in scouring out low level cold air. I rememeber many instances in Westminster that the temperature never went above freezing even when all the models had it doing so hours earlier.
  11. I have a 4 bedroom Summer house in Brigantine 1/2 block from the beach!!! Empty during the Winter!!