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NW Trend For the Win! (1/21-1/22 2022 storm) Obs Thread


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7 minutes ago, MHCWEATHER said:

I’m in North Hills, near Douglas Elementary. It’s very light atm, but we’re probably close to 1”. Rates and ratios should increase soon. Would guess we’ll land around 3”. Couldn’t be happier

It’s actually picked up here quite a bit.  As long as we get enough so that our kiddos can go sledding I’m happy.  I just love watching it fall!

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9 minutes ago, Blue Ridge said:

DL 5501 maybe? DCA to RDU. Looks like another Delta/Endeavor (JFK to RDU) was re-routed to CHO. 

edit: you mentioned the redirect in a separate comment. My bad. 

There are now about 7 diversions avoiding RDU. One from LGA got to the northern neck of VA and turned around and diverting to JFK

Even UPS diverted to TYS

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1 minute ago, jlh said:

Pace has really picked up here, sitting somewhere between 2-3in now with it coming down heavily.

Love it. So great when the coastal folks cash in.

Growing up, ‘72, ‘80, ‘89 come to mind when the coastal counties got more snow than the Piedmont got for 30 years.

There’s an argument to be made that coastal regions, just inland have a higher single-storm ceiling than almost any other sub-region in the SE.


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49 minutes ago, jharv said:

Thanks, for the update. Didnt realize you were in Athens. Wondered what those returns were like over there.  Sounds like about the same here just north of Augusta hoping I have several more hours of it though.

I think I  did just about as good as possible.  It was warmer to the west, drier to the north, and warmer to the south with rain for a time. 

30 minutes ago, BullCityWx said:

The heaviest bands don’t even arrive until 10PMish but yes, it’ll bust :wacko:

Lol..the  last band was awesome here...instead of the dry stuff it was huge flakes. By far the best...easily got me to an inch.  And that banding looks  more impressive in sc by the minute. I wouldn't worry if I was in eastern areas. 

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