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  1. Expecting my 3rd in a row 100 degree high temp...was 101 yesterday. I cant believe this is October... Beyond ridiculous..wildlife and trees are probably confused as hell too lol. Just letting back to normal temps will be a shock to the system. And the dust...ugh...I really really hate drought.
  2. I second that...got .85 here last night and it was desperately needed. Now if only we can get this infuriating heat to go away.
  3. 99 here currently at 2:15. Absolutely ridiculous. This summer and heat will never end.
  4. Lookout


    Absurd to say the least. I'm amazed it's gone this long without a ewc...wonder what the record for that is too? Always liked josh but him tempting fate with storms like this are a real gamble. Is there anyway structures survive 200mph winds...never mind the storm surge.
  5. That's really cool....and they occurred only 7 hours apart. CLIMATE REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE NEWPORT/MOREHEAD CITY NC 134 AM EDT TUE JUL 30 2019 ................................... ...THE CAPE HATTERAS NC CLIMATE SUMMARY FOR JULY 29 2019... CLIMATE NORMAL PERIOD 1981 TO 2010 CLIMATE RECORD PERIOD 1874 TO 2019 WEATHER ITEM OBSERVED TIME RECORD YEAR NORMAL DEPARTURE LAST VALUE (LST) VALUE VALUE FROM YEAR NORMAL .................................................................. TEMPERATURE (F) YESTERDAY MAXIMUM 90R 106 PM 90 2011 85 5 84 1993 1941 MINIMUM 65R 516 AM 65 1992 74 -9 74 1957 AVERAGE 78 79 -1 79
  6. Finally picked up around a half inch yesterday myself..sure needed it. But more impressive i think is it has stayed in the 80s here today...only got to 87. I'll definitely take that. What i wouldn't take is the absurd HI values in the mid atlantic today. Looks like there could be Some legit 120 plus values around chesapeake bay. Highest i saw so far was 127...based on surrounding observations it looks possible as many locations show dewpoints in the low to mid 80s. Yuck.
  7. 94 with dead grass and dust.
  8. Even though the worst of the storms just missed here, still got hit pretty hard with 40 mph gusts and about 0.35 of rain in a few minutes time. Wasn't as strong as the other day but happening at night makes it seem worse. Considering the daytime heating being added to the mix as opposed to getting hit at 2 in the morning, would expect it could get quite breezy with some of these. I always worry about storms coming in from the north or northwest here since there is a lot of open space in that direction which allows the wind to get quite high.
  9. Just got the power back on after getting blasted. Number of trees down or damaged around the area after easily 50 to 60 mph winds and white out conditions. Was a bit nerve racking for a while. Not surprisingly ffc didnt issue a warning when it damn well should have...meanwhile gsp was on the ball as usual and smartly issued a warning for elbert county. Picked up another inch of rain.
  10. Picked up 2 inches today in a couple of good storms. One of which had some of the largest raindrops i think i've ever seen. Legit sounded like hail but it wasn't. Gives me around 7 inches the past 10 days.
  11. 52 here too....was quite cool.. Little late but Wed the temp was stuck in the low 60s all day thanks to the rain. After the rain, the view today has been stunning...with crystal blue skies and everything turned green. Sure wish it was like this all summer.
  12. picked up around 4.20 so far with maybe a little more today. Probably not as much as a lot of locations just to the north, west, and southwest of here but glad to get it....it was very much needed. Now looking forward to the cool weather....if there is some rain around wed, temps could be quite low in damming areas. Depending on the run, nam/fv3 showing temps only in the upper 50s to low 60s wed afternoon. Indeed wetbulbs are in the 50s. That's freaking awesome for mid june. Sure as hell beats upper 90s in may.
  13. Just had a heavy downpour with only 30 to 35dbz....so these showers/storms are efficient rain producers. Nam and rap showing pws maybe as high as 2.15 over the next 48 hours. Considering what the radar looks like now with quite a bit of training already, one can easily see how flash flooding could quickly become a problem over north ga into western nc. Already 1 to 4 inches of rain with a lot of back building to the south/southwest in the atlanta/gainesvlle/athens region. Finally got a good storm/rain yesterday...around 2 inches in 30 minutes. The rain rates were very high so there was a lot of runoff which was something to see after being so bone dry for so long...but what was even more amazing about it was seeing how fast the ground soaked it up. Not sure i've ever seen so much water disappear so fast. So that will help for a little while.
  14. Same here...was generally between 97 to 99 but never 100 so euro was a few degrees too warm....but certainly that was bad enough. Soooooo glad that hellish pattern finally has changed. Its bone dry here...indeed on the line of moderate drought....seems likely most get enough rain to change the course over the next few weeks...thankfully avoiding conditions getting worse. Hate to think what this summer would be like if we maintained that pattern.
  15. Yep...not a lot to say when it's hot and dry day after day. This much heat this early is depressing as hell. The only positive is that if its going to be hot it might as well be record setting. Although ffc isn't forecasting 100 here, I expect I will. Euro has been showing 100 here for days....last night run is still showing 100 here from sat through Thursday. Ridiculous.