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  1. Happy to say i Have gotten a little over 4 inches here the past few days with more on the way shortly. Needed it too, my area had been screwed pretty bad in the last several weeks. Still, areas north and east of here have gotten as much as 10 to 12 inches per radar estimations. Elberton has recorded just shy of 10 inches.
  2. Thats about how much I got the other day which was the first I've had in a long time. Days back I got zero when a lot of the northern half got soaked. Some rain to the south of me today..so I'm hoping. Sure need it.
  3. Same here in Gainesville. Despite temps in the mid 40s I've Been watching for it for the last few days since models were showing such such dry air was in place. Nothing impressive but im sure its the Last shot of any frozen precip around these parts until next season.
  4. It sure has. I'm frustrated but there would be no telling how pissed I'd be if I hadn't got a snow fix a few weeks ago. There were plenty of warning signs though. As burrel said, temps and dewpoints were unimpressive before hand. Its never good when you see a SURGE in dewpoints before hand like what was seen yesterday. Dps rose into the 20s in a lot of areas in nc. Plus the temps aloft were much higher than normal for a good icing cad event. 800 to 850mb temps above 10c in north Carolina is ridiculous. Not only that the above freezing layer was super deep..on gsos sounding this morning it was from around 650mb to 900mb...which means warm rain. When temps are only marginal that isn't a good recipe for accretion. Its a shame...it seems like it takes miracles these days to have a cold and dry airmass in place anymore. Its even more insane when you consider how cold it's been just west of here.
  5. Its really unreal. Gfs is showing 5 to 10 below tomorrow morning in ms...while most here in ga will only have a couple of mornings get into the 20s. Sad, pathetic, and frustrating to say the least.
  6. Yep. If this comes to pass, this high and cold is a different beast than the endless parade of marginal cad events we have had recently. The 12z gfs and Canadian are showing minimal temps of the wedge in the mid teens around 950 to 925mb all the way into ne ga. Been a long time since we have seen a cad event that cold.
  7. Yep..if precip comes in just a couple of hours earlier too it will make a difference too...which has been the trend.. Although there is a fairly deep dry layer, some precip could reach the surface as early as 9 to 10 am up to 85.
  8. Yeah it never seems to fail ours pop up on short notice. I agree it looks good for most, although down my way I'm on the razors edge as usual. It will come down to the elevated warm layer here. Gfs and euro aren't as aggressive with it as the nam and new 12z hrrr isn't either. I do expect to see flakes fall at least for a while..even if its just a mix. Gainesville to gsp probably will be the sweet spot (outside mountains) I consider it all a bonus after the 4 to 5 inches I saw in gatlinburg earlier this week but unlike that snow, which was dry, this will be the big flake variety which would be nice. Believe it or not I even saw about a minute worth of sleet last evening around 630 while I was feeding the dog and it was 48 degrees. That is the second highest temp I've ever seen sleet before iirc.
  9. Getting hit pretty good. About 3 inches or so.
  10. Snow is definitely picking up here over the past half hour..after being light for the most part. I have about an .75 to 1 inch on exposed surfaces but now even the asphalt is turning white.. For the first time some 30 to 35 dbz on radar at times . Nice to have some snow with temps subfreezing for a change.
  11. Same here as of about 30 minutes or so ago..was quite a long lull but ground turning white now.
  12. I'm in gatlinburg...light dusting so far (which has mostly melted except on hill tops) with just flurries currently. Mrx is Forecasting 4 to 6 (although last night mrx had 8 to 10).
  13. Top gust was 41 but im a bit protected from South winds. Didn't lose power thankfully but over a million out of power in ga at its peak was impressive. Winds are almost as gusty now as this morning. Gusting several times to 35/36. Jackson County Airport gust to 48mph last observation. In fact outages have gone back up in ga the past few hours. So not out of the woods.
  14. Pretty wild to see ts warnings so far inland with a gulf hurricane.....making landfall in LA no less . This is really a unique event given its hyper forward speed...and Winds just off the surface are impressive on models..especially wrf/hmon. Going to be really interesting to see how the still strong circulation interacts with the high topography over north ga and the upstate. The ridge tops from your area down to Rome could see some really high winds. Although some of the stronger winds aloft move overhead here, the lack of convection probably keeps most of the gusts in check here. In fact, Looks like it could be a real screwjob rain wise where im at. Zeta almost a cat 3.....110 at 4pm advisory with radar out of New Orleans showing 135mph winds and recon has 113 knot. LA just can't catch a break.
  15. 45 this morning here. Considering how hot we normally are this time of year you cant ask for much more.
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