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  1. Even though actual temps haven't been that excessive the dewpoints this year have been insane. I've never had so many above 75 I don't think and I have recorded several 80 degree dewpoints...with a maX of 81...which is the highest I've ever recorded. Damn I hate summer. There is nothing good about it except storms and the tropics
  2. I was thinking about lake hartwell myself even though i only live 10 minutes away from totality. Regardless i don't care how far I have to drive if the weather is bad. I've been waiting for this since I was a kid. At the time my mom totally screwed me and wouldn't even let me near a window because she thought even looking out it could blind me...lol...I love her to death but I've been mad at her for decades over that. But man will I be pissed if there is a hurricane or something
  3. Looks like despite the surface low tracking so far west with the TS Or STS, looks like things are shaping up for a good bit of heavy rain for a prolonged period of time.. Pw's increase to 2.25 to 2.50 inches and on it's own there would likely be some flooding but with heavy rains as of late, some flooding looks like a good possibility. Pretty crazy how this low could make landfall in texas and yet some of the heaviest rainfall could end up being in alabama, ga, edit to add. the 12z gfs sends the remnant low up the ms into the ohio valley, cmc actually sends the remnant surface low all the way back to georgia at by day 6/7. Temps yesterday got to 123 in the visitors center in death valley, 122 and 121 at the other observation sites..with morning lows of 96...with the 122 station reporting a low of 101. Looks like vegas has dropped hairs a degree or two from the other day .."only 126 to 128" in the hottest spots. Still hope to see a 130 reported though.
  4. las vegas is now forecasting high temps as high as 128 tuesday and 129 in portions of death valley next wednesday. I've often followed death valleys temps during impressive heat waves and i don't recall ever seeing a forecasted temp as high as 129. I've often wondered if they have ever forecasted a high temp in the 130s before and they are 1 degree removed from it now. crazy. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-116.8759992454312&lat=36.38816301823071#.WUUjIet0bwd
  5. I generally hate summer but I do enjoy when we are lucky enough to get in a pattern where there is a decent shot of storms each day, even if they aren't severe. Could be a lot worse temp wise too. Poor Folks out west are about to be baked and fried in record fashion though...don't know how they stand it...dry heat or not.
  6. ....um....lol...don't think so. . In fact, wave and axis of highest totals has shifted northwest the past run or two. when it comes to efficiency, gotta love tropical airmasses. picked up 1.65 here but that is on the low end compared to just about every where else in northeast ga which saw 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Hopefully will catch up some with our surface wave monday/tuesday.
  7. damn... yeah the never ending above normal temps has gotten really really old but i won't complain about the rain....ponds have just now finally gotten back to near full pool. And given our tendency for long periods of dry weather and drought, i'm happy to get it when we can. this upcoming system is looking pretty good for some more... with really impressive totals in nc. might be enough to get an early mass bloom.
  8. yeah this wind has been pretty impressive. Had a top gust of 42 mph and looking around, it seems like most people got 40 to 45 mph gusts. Not too surprisingly, there have been quite a few trees blown down around the area per a guy i know that does tree work. Georgia power alone is showing around 10,000 without power..although some of that might be left over from yesterday. But from the scattered nature of the outages on the maps probably quite a few related to the wind today. Not too surprising given how much rain fell yesterday....ended up with 4.11 inches here. A lot of that fell in a short period of time yesterday morning and thanks to the tremendous runoff it actually nearly filled the ponds back up. On a side note, beautiful visible images of the post frontal cloud cover today from goes 16. The detail is so cool. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=srnmidat-02-24-1 btw, check out the visible meso southeast region. These are taken every one minute. just fyi, Below is 48 frames so it's pretty big but to really appreciate it, the bigger ones are the best. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=mesosoutheast-02-48-1
  9. looks like some softball size hail also on 33/40
  10. some reports/pics of baseball size hail with it.
  11. from bhm NWS Birmingham‏Verified account @NWSBirmingham 57s58 seconds ago More Big time hail core heading for Munford and Oxford. Golf ball size or larger.
  12. the Talladega storm..
  13. bhm just said on twitter just a moment ago that rotation is increasing with that storm and a tornado warning might be issued
  14. boundary is pretty evident looking at surface temps as you can see below (you can zoom in and out/change number of stations for those not familiar with the WHV) but am noticing winds west and south of atlanta starting to turn to the ESE vs east earlier which means it might be on the move again..also there is now considerable breaks in the cloud cover starting to happen from west to east...which should speed up the warm front's push north. Plus the decrease in precip over north ga will help too. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/map/?&zoom=7&scroll_zoom=true&center=33.31216783738619,-84.990234375&basemap=ESRI Imagery&boundaries=false,true,false&hazard=true&hazard_type=severe&hazard_opacity=60&obs=true&obs_type=tempcur&obs_popup=false&obs_density=2
  15. yeah it's too early to be talking about busts...however to be fair, it's not unreasonable to question whether or not the cold pool/weak cad over the heart of wedge country..which is a fairly small area over NE ga...where these cold pools have repeatedly held on much longer than expected and been a thorn in the side of forecasters in these situations many many times...and I don't think he's questioning whether everywhere else will not see widespread severe weather. that said, let's move past this and get back to focusing on current storms. still a long ways to go.