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  1. I think I did just about as good as possible. It was warmer to the west, drier to the north, and warmer to the south with rain for a time. Lol..the last band was awesome here...instead of the dry stuff it was huge flakes. By far the best...easily got me to an inch. And that banding looks more impressive in sc by the minute. I wouldn't worry if I was in eastern areas.
  2. Been snowing light to moderate since around 5pm but it took quite a while to get to freezing.(around 7).now its 30.7. A rather dry snow at that..getting close to an inch but a lot was eaten up with those above freezing temps. Its a shame to have another snow event with temps not below freezing for a good part of it. . It seems so wrong to see flakes wasted on cooling. That said getting any snow at all twice in a week, much less two accumulating ones, is a for sure win in my book.. Radar shows another half hour or so (some of the heaviest of the entire evening is right now). So over 4.30 hours worth for a storm all models showed none at all over multiple runs isn't too bad.
  3. Lol that is most likely the heaviest fantasy computer snow I've ever seen. Pretty wild the euro has a similar solution. I figure I probably have about as much chance for that to happen as winning the PowerBall.
  4. It sure has been a wild model trip. A northwest trend which i think everyone figured would happen to some degree is one thing but seeing precip shields expand this much this close to an event is pretty impressive. Sure hope it continues into tomorrow.
  5. It sure is. I can't believe the overall performance but the euro has been especially bad. Just 36 hours ago the euro had a half a foot into northeast ga and back to Charlotte just 24 hours ago. Nevermind the euro ensembles over nc and va. Truly awful and absurd.
  6. Lol for real...i think those hoping for that sort of bust/miracle are kidding themselves. That's not to say it can't or won't be a fairly decent snow for eastern areas in the end though The good news for the eastern folks it won't take much correction at all the other way to undo a lot of the damage. Heck it wouldn't take much of one to give western areas a little something again but its really remarkable and frustrating the models have performed this poorly. Or a stronger Atlantic ridge, nw trend or literally everything that screws everyone with 90% of storms around these parts. It just figures it would do this when for once we will have a super wedge..it all feels like a cruel joke..especially for those who didn't see much with the last system. Maybe ill get lucky and get some freezing drizzle this time...sigh.
  7. Its rare indeed to see so much of Georgia in it as well. I'm right on the snow line, of course, but I think there would be more sleet than its showing. Hope we see some support among the other models tonight though.
  8. Well had a mix for a while last night but never switched over even though temp was 33/34. Finally changed to sleet and snow a few.minutes ago at 32. Was expecting the changeover by noon but seemed like forever. Radar looks decent. Hoping it over performs. Rgem is busting pretty bad on temps. About 5 or 6 degrees too warm here right now. Winds were of course ridiculous but finally have calmed down. Top gust was 43.
  9. Light rain, 38 over 33. Hrrr has it mixing or changing over around 2. Sure isn't a shortage of moisture. Nice to see the gfs showing a good band of snow tomorrow now even if this front end fails.
  10. Yep, I sure wish I could have went to Gainesville or Clayton but I was forced to stay home for this one and I'm right on the battle line per hrrr. 15 minutes north or south could be a night a day difference here. Ironically its not the 850s that have been the problem but a thin warm layer around 900 to 925mb. Hoping the heavy precip will overcome it and I see a an hour or two at least before changing over but its impossible to say right now. Ihopefully based on the cold low levels sleet can save me from a ton of freezing rain. regardless the threat of power outages is high due to expected high winds even without freezing rain. If there is a lot with these winds, its going to be real bad. Interesting disagreement between the 3km nam and hrrr. Hrrr says sleet should be the primary precip in the wedge while nam is freezing rain. Curious to see who wins.
  11. This is going to be fascinating to see how we well or bad the gfs does on temps. Its dramatically warmer than Everything else here..by as much as 10 degrees Sunday. Its like being back in the old days of the avn. I would take it as seriously as the avn if there was more dry air in place which is The only thing that gives me pause for north ga. Instead us in Georgia have to rely on caa after precip starts. Obviously the Carolinas are a different story but even there it looks about 5 degrees too warm in sc. I dont often look at the long range hrrr/rap but it sure makes me wish it was more reliable at this range.
  12. A word about the icon for north ga folks, looking at full soundings there isn't much difference between the 06z and 12z run with respect to soundings and the threat of a front end hit of snow.. I'm a bit baffled to be honest why it cut totals. Surface through the mid levels look cold. Might be foolish to worry about such minor details at this range but can't help myself. 12z Canadian is also lovely.
  13. Yep but its annoying since for my own psychological well being I wish it would get with the program already. Lol for real.
  14. The stubbornness of the gfs vs literally every other model is pretty wild. Take dewpoints for example, gfs is upwards of 20 degrees warmer over sc sat evening vs everything else.
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