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  1. man was crushed near atlanta when a tree fell on his house. I hope folks in atlanta don't think just because the rain to the east is getting lighter the wind is because i heard two on air mets say that....there has been no let up in the wind here...and the rain has been considerably lighter here for a while. in fact, just had a 51 mph gust a few minutes ago. looks like around 1.5 million in georgia without power so far. Still have it here...and i consider that a miracle to be honest. got all my digits crossed. btw, STILL no update by FFC. sigh.
  2. models keep the highest winds around between now and around 11pm. the 85 corridor hangs on to the high winds the longest it seems.
  3. I wish it wouldn't get any worse but it seems the present conditions will last at least several more hours here. Am really Worried about the other trees. the back edge of the rain isn't too far off but it seems to be more convective which makes me worry a little
  4. Well just lost another tree..(about 15 minutes ago) ..it fell when the wind was only gusting to 40. Winds seemed to let up for about 5 minutes and then bam..had a gust to 60 a few moments ago. the highest yet...tree top level had to be higher. Made the house shake. Insane the power is still on...for now.
  5. Winds are sustained here at 20 to 25mph consistently....had a gust to 58 a little while ago ...and it just blew down one of my oaks....somehow it didn't actually bust through the shed. athens had a gust to 52. hartsfield with a sustained 43mph wind with gust to 59 a little while ago.
  6. The field the wind is coming across here is about 1/4 of a mile long (1/3rd mile to the ESE) and my house is on top of a small hill in comparison to boot. Fortunately, all my trees are on the southern/western end of my yard.. Hartsfield is now sustained at 38 mph...impressive...gusting to 53. edit...Winds gusting to 48 at anderson last hour. now more than 500,000 without power edit again..meanwhile in rome and northwest ga in general..winds are only about 10 to 15 mph
  7. Pretty impressive to have it so soon.....had my first 50mph gust a little while, ago.....top so far is 54 and that was with pretty light rain falling. I'm about to get into a very impressive band/heavy returns ...gonna be interesting
  8. lol...omg..i saw him yesterday for the first time in forever and holy hell it was painful. i swear it's everything i can do not to just start yelling profanities the moment he starts talking.
  9. i have to say this....after ffc had been better compared to recent years since irma has been in the picture they have been back to having down right pathetic discussions...and of course no updates today so far either. pathetic.
  10. considering they won't even send crews out in weather like this until it calms down, prepare to go without it for quite a while. Lights flickering here...winds more and more gusting well into the 40s...top so far 49 mph. Hartsfield just had a 51 mph gust closing on a half million per georgia power. power outages scattered all over now around here.
  11. Yeah, you seem to be right on the line between modest gusts and the higher ones. The areas i mentioned above remained protected though out and by the time they shift east they will be modest. I suffer the same thing in winter during certain winter storms where the low level cold air advection is blocked here by the mountains and i get screwed while areas just to the west do fine.
  12. A closer inspection of the mean wind flow shows boundary layer winds have enough northerly component to the west and northwest of atlanta that the mountains will provide some protection and as a result, winds are likely to be much lower west and northwest of atlanta. Note the sharp drop off in top wind gusts below also. Indeed, you can clearly see it on observations already.
  13. yeah.....they are bending like crazy here. a bit nerve racking considering the worst won't arrive until after 18z. It isn't just your area. You can get a good handle on where the higher winds are here. Interesting how wind gusts are well into the 30s already in the upstate. btw, you can adjust the density/number of reporting stations on the left.....i have it on 2 here. hartsfield has had a gust to 40, (sustained at 31) and athens had a 43mph gust last hour. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/map/?&zoom=8&scroll_zoom=true&center=34.016241889667015,-84.1607666015625&basemap=ESRI Imagery&boundaries=false,true,false&hazard=true&hazard_type=severe&hazard_opacity=60&obs=true&obs_type=gustcur&obs_popup=false&obs_density=2
  14. I'm glad you showed up because i'm fascinated to see how the winds behave being close to the mountains and at your elevation. I have little doubt you will get high winds...nam has winds at 950mb of 40 to 45 knots at 950mb with winds at 925mb around 60 knots at your location. Rap is even higher...50 knots and 65 knots respectively by this afternoon. Winds here are sustained around 20 to 25mph with gusts now getting above 40...top one so far has been 46. Power outages are starting to show up around my area and i feel like it will be a small miracle if they don't out at some point.
  15. Just had a gust to 37mph. My problem is i have a large field to my north, northeast, and east so there is nothing to slow easterly winds and they are already gusting high. About as expected though as the models showed winds really starting to pick up by 9 to 10am. . Euro still showing silly high gusts which i think are over done somewhat..and current observations support that. So i'd go with the gfs. Gfs and nam soundings showing 55 to 60 knot winds at 925 to 950mb...so widespread and frequent gusts of 55 to 65mph seem likely....possibly as high as 70 somewhere if strong enough convection occurs. So to show how little it really matters where the actual center goes, the gfs shows the highest gusts over south carolina. In fact the nam and gfs both are showing the highest 925mb to 950mb winds over sc the past few runs. Considering there will be stronger convection in south carolina that could bring those winds to the surface, wouldn't be shocked if some of the top gusts occur in sc.