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  1. Lookout

    July 2018 Observations

    glad to hear you have been finally getting something. Looks like a particularly wet few days ahead here. Potential for training cells looks pretty good for north ga/western carolinas. FFC's bullish totals look like a pretty good possibility. Already just had a brief shower today with more lining up.
  2. Lookout

    July 2018 Observations

    Yeah that always sucks....in fact it's far worse than having no chance of rain at all. Hope it picks up for you. Since that post, it's rained several times for another 2.5 inches or so.
  3. Lookout

    July 2018 Observations

    God knows i'm not complaining but it's been a fairly wet summer here. In fact it seems like it has rained most days. Incredibly, twice in 3 days in the past week i have gotten rain when there was hardly a pixel's worth of returns on radar for a hundred miles. Picked up a half inch several days ago where if you went a mile in any direction hardly a drop fell. Sadly, despite all the rain, the heat has been unbearable. I don't know if it's because i'm getting older or it's getting worse but damn every year it's more and more intolerable. Yesterday was just disgusting.
  4. Lookout

    July 2018 Observations

    63 here but felt a lot cooler. Only 84 here yesterday....it's really almost unheard of to have full sun and have a high of only 84, and low humidity to boot, this time of the year. Wish all summer was like this.
  5. Lookout

    June 2018 Obs

    after yet more rain yesterday/last night...the dewpoints are making it super miserable....88/76 here too.
  6. Lookout

    May 2018 Obs

    Yeah that sucks. Back in the old antenna days, wyff was my go to source for news/weather. Came a flood last night...Got nearly 4 inches of rain altogether. and looks like one of the feeder bands could impact here most of the afternoon.
  7. Lookout

    APRIL 2018 OBS

    picked up 3.10 inches altogether here. Always hope for these big rains in april and may in case we end up with a dry summer.
  8. Lookout

    March 2018 Obs

    31 for a low this morning....first freezing temp in a silly long time.
  9. Lookout

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    going to be 75 here today.
  10. Lookout

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    It seems like almost every other year we end up in a situation in march and April where we scream at the sky where was this **$&#&#&# pattern in January and february??? I hate it too...by the time late March is here, I'm ready for spring.. as much as I love cold weather....I hate that cold...but not cold enough crap we see by then. Even though its really rare...I hold out hope every year we see some unusually cold upper low that can produce surprises. I wonder if I'll ever see anything like 93 again though.
  11. Lookout

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    It's funny....at my house it has been sub par (officially a dusting which I wasn't around for.. and around an inch of snow) but ive still seen snow several times, including a big and historic early season one and a modest ice event thanks to my trips to gainesville so for that reason it's been an above average one for me...lord knows I've seen many years worse than this one. I never really bought into the hype for February when everyone was optimistic...which looks like a good idea now...but right now I'm not convinced winter is over either. I know some people love their indexes and teleconnections and all that stuff but I've been around long enough that it's rather silly to me to be declaring anything with too much certainty right now...not only because its only feb 7th and they can change but because things can happen when all the indexes would say other wise. But if it's over, look on the bright side....the mid Atlantic/DC could end up with their second overall bad winter by their standards too... .
  12. Lookout

    February 2018 Obs

    I've had several claps of thunder this morning. Rain has been quite heavy at times. 1.00 inch of rain and counting. edit..ended up with around 1.25.
  13. Lookout

    Super Bowl Sunday Slippery Suprise Storm Obs

    Good point...I meant to say high resolution models did well with temps..gfs never got this location to freezing either. It was about 3 degrees too warm here...right at its average bust range in these events. It busted closer to 4 to 5 degrees to the south around athens. Same goes for euro.
  14. Lookout

    Super Bowl Sunday Slippery Suprise Storm Obs

    Radar estimates are between 2 and 2.5 but gauges nearby show around 1.75. As a shock to no one I'm sure that is an inch or more than the gfs has been forecasting for days until the 0z run. Also an inch more than the canadian. Btw have to give a shout out to the icon. It had showed heavier amounts consistently.. Temp wise was a little too cold last evening before the rain started.
  15. Lookout

    Super Bowl Sunday Slippery Suprise Storm Obs

    Same here. There was a nice glaze over everything this morning....to the point the top of the pines were starting to sag a little here too. Overall about what I expected although I am a little surprised temps didn't drop a degree or two lower.. Lowest temp here was 31. Early on I expected to get to 29 or 30 here based on wetbulbs. Indeed it looked like it was well on its way at first with a very fast drop in temps from 36 to 31 with more room to drop with dps around 25 but it never did. Suspect the rain rates were just too heavy. Have to say...the models did a good job with this one...although they warmed it up above freezing about 3 hours too fast here. Temp got to 33 about 30 minutes ago...but that's not too bad.