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  1. Something to keep an eye on is maybe some light snow over north ga tonight..hrrr is showing some. (In fact up to an inch or more in the mountains over toward rome). Nav also has been consistent with a little. Despite the dry profiles and runs of everything else, still wouldn't surprise me to see some meso effects create a small area of flurries/showers into tomorrow morning. Not a huge chance but better than zero which is a lot considering how horrible this winter has been.
  2. Picked up 3.5 inches of rain since sunday night. Quite a lot more than what I was expecting a few days ago.
  3. 1.80 so far....a bit less than west ga/sc. Top gust has been 31...glad those 40 plus gusts didnt happen. Losing power sucks...especially as a result of a cold rain storm.
  4. Would be a hell of a blizzard/icestorm. On top of all the precip 3km nam is showing 40 to 50mph wind gusts over north ga sunday night. .with gusts a bit above that in the higher elevations and around Atlanta. I would think it's a bit overdone but it's been showing gusts as high as 55 near atlanta at its peak. Gfs has gusts into the 30s to near 40 mostly. Regardless, am a bit worried about power outages with the recent rains. Power was knocked off here the other day for an hour after the frontal passage.
  5. Picked up 2.75 inches here...there was 4 to 5 inches though down toward Augusta.
  6. The timing on the euro precip wise is better but compared to earlier runs It's not as cold nor dry over the mid Atlantic thursday..some 5 to 8 degrees warmer with temps/dps..which obviously means temps downstream arent as cold either. Quite a spread/variability this week among the models that is for sure.
  7. Although it is more for the Carolinas ...the worst case for most of ne ga would be something a little slower than the 06z run. For north ga the 06z gfs is actually probably too fast with a good bit of precip falling before temps are cold enough. Plus gfs showing intense precip rates which would cut down on accretion. Those ice amount maps are way too bullish for ga. Slow it down by 6 to 10 hours and it's a different story. Quite impressive caa on that run though thur...30 to 40 knot winds at 925 to 950mb over ga/sc and quite the temp drop over a few hours time.
  8. I think even if the Friday/2nd wave scenario plays out is correct there is a decent chance of at least advisory level freezing rain for ga/the upstate. Temps/wetbulbs are low enough that freezing temps should hang on through a decent part of the day friday. Depth of subfreezing layer is enough to see a decent wetbulb effect so The warm up the fv3 and especially the euro show friday is probably too fast by several hours at least as usual....with Wetbulbs Friday am in the mid to upper 20s. Euro shows Greater than half inch amounts through noon friday over ne ga and more than 0.25 over the upstate when I believe temps should still be subfreezing. So respectable glazing even with its run imo.
  9. Lol..just saw this ..hes really unbelievable. I cant believe he posted that based on one model run on an event more than a week out...seriously wtf? Hes a strange dude...will down play legit and promising storms in the near term but then do something like that. Him getting slapped down by fellow mets has been awesome though. As for next week...seem like there is potential if we can get the timing right...Not exactly earth shattering news i know but thats better than nothing.
  10. Yep...been a while since we have seen such a promising look at the surface. It's a shame it's so far into fantasy land but it's pretty to look at meteorologically at least. Wonder what the odds of it even being close to what really happens are.
  11. Expecting my 3rd in a row 100 degree high temp...was 101 yesterday. I cant believe this is October... Beyond ridiculous..wildlife and trees are probably confused as hell too lol. Just letting back to normal temps will be a shock to the system. And the dust...ugh...I really really hate drought.
  12. I second that...got .85 here last night and it was desperately needed. Now if only we can get this infuriating heat to go away.
  13. 99 here currently at 2:15. Absolutely ridiculous. This summer and heat will never end.