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  1. 31 for a low this morning despite leeside trough keeping a lot of areas above it. Speaking of freezing.... almost 5 feet of hail. Unreal. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/argentina-hail-storm-terrifying-extreme-weather-cordoba-south-america-a8025056.html
  2. 34.8 for a low today..Nothing shocking for this time of year but it seems crazy to me since it feels like august was just a week or two ago thanks to that never ending heat.
  3. Yeah, that's a hell of a long time to go without it. It's really wild when you consider it didn't involve an ice storm lol. I still can't believe i didn't lose it...i really do consider it a small miracle because i have issues with the power going out on sunny days around here. It looks like the worst of the winds should stay to the north and west of atlanta but it's going to be interesting to see just how far inland substantial wind gusts will occur and what type of impact there will be. It's quite unusual to say the least to see a tropical system, much less a strong cat 1/low end cat 2, making landfall along the gulf coast with a forward motion of damn near 30 mph. In fact, i'd wager that might be some kind of record for the gulf coast. Regardless, To think that it will go from being on the coast to eastern tn in 12 hours or around 300 miles is freaking insane. Although the area impacted will be rather small to the east of the center, i think the distance inland where some damaging gusts could occur is likely to be rather impressive. The saving grace of course is it's not stronger than it is at landfall and even the areas hit hardest won't get high winds but for more than a couple of hours. We have really seen some storms with some unusual characteristics, speeds, and tracks this year and nate is no exception. It might not be the strongest or largest storm ever to make landfall but it certainly is unique due to it's super fast motion and it's going to be really fascinating to see what areas well inland end up getting.
  4. Thats the truth. I somehow lucked out with keeping power but irma cost me nearly $2000 in getting trees cut down. I lost two oaks of course but they were apart of a bunch and were stress fractures between the rest so I had to get the rest cut down...and I'm still in the process of cleaning that mess up. We/I do need the rain but id rather we not have to worry about losing power again or more trees coming down. How long did it take for you to get your power back?
  5. man was crushed near atlanta when a tree fell on his house. I hope folks in atlanta don't think just because the rain to the east is getting lighter the wind is because i heard two on air mets say that....there has been no let up in the wind here...and the rain has been considerably lighter here for a while. in fact, just had a 51 mph gust a few minutes ago. looks like around 1.5 million in georgia without power so far. Still have it here...and i consider that a miracle to be honest. got all my digits crossed. btw, STILL no update by FFC. sigh.
  6. models keep the highest winds around between now and around 11pm. the 85 corridor hangs on to the high winds the longest it seems.
  7. I wish it wouldn't get any worse but it seems the present conditions will last at least several more hours here. Am really Worried about the other trees. the back edge of the rain isn't too far off but it seems to be more convective which makes me worry a little
  8. Well just lost another tree..(about 15 minutes ago) ..it fell when the wind was only gusting to 40. Winds seemed to let up for about 5 minutes and then bam..had a gust to 60 a few moments ago. the highest yet...tree top level had to be higher. Made the house shake. Insane the power is still on...for now.
  9. Winds are sustained here at 20 to 25mph consistently....had a gust to 58 a little while ago ...and it just blew down one of my oaks....somehow it didn't actually bust through the shed. athens had a gust to 52. hartsfield with a sustained 43mph wind with gust to 59 a little while ago.
  10. The field the wind is coming across here is about 1/4 of a mile long (1/3rd mile to the ESE) and my house is on top of a small hill in comparison to boot. Fortunately, all my trees are on the southern/western end of my yard.. Hartsfield is now sustained at 38 mph...impressive...gusting to 53. edit...Winds gusting to 48 at anderson last hour. now more than 500,000 without power edit again..meanwhile in rome and northwest ga in general..winds are only about 10 to 15 mph
  11. Pretty impressive to have it so soon.....had my first 50mph gust a little while, ago.....top so far is 54 and that was with pretty light rain falling. I'm about to get into a very impressive band/heavy returns ...gonna be interesting
  12. lol...omg..i saw him yesterday for the first time in forever and holy hell it was painful. i swear it's everything i can do not to just start yelling profanities the moment he starts talking.
  13. i have to say this....after ffc had been better compared to recent years since irma has been in the picture they have been back to having down right pathetic discussions...and of course no updates today so far either. pathetic.
  14. considering they won't even send crews out in weather like this until it calms down, prepare to go without it for quite a while. Lights flickering here...winds more and more gusting well into the 40s...top so far 49 mph. Hartsfield just had a 51 mph gust closing on a half million per georgia power. power outages scattered all over now around here.
  15. Yeah, you seem to be right on the line between modest gusts and the higher ones. The areas i mentioned above remained protected though out and by the time they shift east they will be modest. I suffer the same thing in winter during certain winter storms where the low level cold air advection is blocked here by the mountains and i get screwed while areas just to the west do fine.