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  1. Man, GFS and NAM not even on the same planet. Epic model battle.
  2. Three words for old-timer snow fans in SE Virginia- Blizzard of ‘80. That’s what the NAM is showing. The downside? It’s the NAM. Real interested to see what the RGEM shows tonight. If that jumps on board we may have something historic here.
  3. Remember it was Wednesday 18z NAM that lost the storm last week and eventually brought it back so it will probably be the same this week to some degree but I think the SC to Maine blizzard idea is off the board. Not just because of the NAM but all the guidance today. The thing just gets going too late for anybody south of NJ/NYC to really cash in.
  4. What is wrong with the Euro? I mean, has the atmosphere changed or something.
  5. The Canadian has cancelled the big event. Just some light snows on the coast, gets going too late. I'd love to toss it but the Canadian models really handled last week the best so we'll see.
  6. Looks great but I have to wonder if the Euro is overdoing the trough the way it was about this time last week with the last storm.
  7. About 7" IMBY - Va. Beach. GDPS/RGEM definitely the winner on this one. Was rock steady while most of the other models wavered back and forth. Great event.
  8. Best rates of the night in Va. Beach now. I think we'll easily make 6" here, maybe a bit more.
  9. Va Beach - nice. Probably close to 2" now with hours to go. Been 4 years since we had one like this.
  10. Well if there’s any question we’re going to find out about these models in these next couple of days. NAM-GFS vs RGEM/CMC/ECMWF/ICON/UK
  11. I'm stunned - I have no idea what's going to happen. NAM-GFS are out, ICON/RGEM holding steady. I'll just wait and see at this point.
  12. This is a total wow. I have never seen a system fall apart this fast and this close to the event. Whoever is programming these models needs to study this one. My goodness.
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