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Mid to Long Range Discussion ~ 2022


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14 minutes ago, BornAgain13 said:

Very true but if it comes down hard enough.....

Maybe if soil temps were being driven more from the low 40s or something.  Not so much coming in behind soil temps in the 60s.  Count on plenty of snow runoff up there in Wet Spoon, Va. :)

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Thanks Programer.  RDU still in the game there but not a perfect situation trend wise.  It’s getting late in the game.  Not sure if this gives more than 0.5-0.8 inches in reality if this is taken literally at RDU if we are looking at 6:1 with melting considered.  At least I live 4-5 miles northeast of the airport so I have that working in my favor.:weenie:



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Yes, I'm posting this here too. There has not been a flake of snow being shown for mby, but I'm excited for those that do get to see the flakes fly. Whether it's mood flakes for the day, a dusting, 2" and the possibility of making a few snowballs and a mini snowman or a foot thump that sticks around in an artic environment for weeks. Stop crapping on other peoples excitement because you aren't getting what you think you deserve/endrant.

2 hours ago, buckeyefan1 said:

While all you snow snobs are complaining because the ground temps are too warm for it to stay around after it stops, or it's too far north, there are plenty of us who would love to watch a few hours of mood flakes collect in a sloppy mess on the lawn :rolleyes: 


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