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Dec. 10-11 Severe Weather


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1 hour ago, Witness Protection Program said:

Can someone let the KY governor's office know that Bowling Green, KY was hit by a tornado?  3 hours before the press conference, but I don't think he mentioned BG once.  It certainly wasn't on the map of tornadoes and their tracks that they kept showing and referencing.

S&R keep finding deceased in BG.  Sounds like the scanner just now said 2 in trees, 3 on the couch of their home.

The governor did say in the press conference that the 50 deaths so far were for all of Mayfield, not just the candle factory.  "Dozens" expected at the factory, where 110 were at when the tornado hit.  Estimates 70-100 KY deaths after they are able to do all their S&R.

Still tor warns now in MS, AL, eastern TN, and eastern KY.

A bit of better news out of Earlington:

Two children were missing and were found in a bathtub “not where the house was originally standing,” the sheriff revealed. They were OK and they “do not appear to be hurt at all. They have been returned back to their mother.” 

Also a train derailed by the tornado between Earlington and Morton's Gap, KY.

I hope there are more stories like this  :(  


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Here's 2 images I took that show warehouses under various stage of construction.  Definitely gives context as to why they are such a dangerous place to be in a tornado.

Large concrete slabs less than a foot thick standing upright and supported at their top by steel beams.  A thin roof is then attached.  No safe space to go on the floor of a warehouse. 



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3 minutes ago, andyhb said:

In excess of 170 mph (EF4+), that's my only estimate for now.

I know you’re stating that as the lower bound, but it’s hard for me to imagine the survey will conclude anywhere near that low, given the insane velocity bins on radar last night. This will be a great case study on how g2g values translate to damage surveys, or don’t.

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