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  1. Looks like we’re getting circulation handoff as it’s approaching Rockford. .
  2. Well, that escalated very suddenly. .
  3. Likely tornado in Smyrna, TN at this time. 7 miles NW of my parents place. .
  4. Cell near Ashland, MS has broad rotation. .
  5. SVR warned cell near Ashland, MS has broad rotation. .
  6. Cell approaching Perryville, TN is definitely getting together very quickly. .
  7. HUN straight up issued tornado emergencies versus tornado warnings for a period on 4/27. Also, literally every single thing was rotating that day. Tony Lyza posted something a few months back where multiple rain showers were rotating moderately before they even had achieved 40dBz returns. .
  8. I personally do not and think very few do as well. If, big if, they do, it'll be during Day 1 issuances but still unlikely for 06z given potential for warm sector contamination.
  9. Oof, that is certainly a very high ceiling scenario, to say the least.
  10. If they ever question terrain, give them video of the Empire, AL EF4 from 4/27/2011. Such a beast.
  11. This is exactly what I was getting at. Let’s say you have a High risk but only 7 tornadoes. 1 EF5 and everything else is EF0/1. High risk does NOT verify by given standards from the SPC. .
  12. Well yeah, but 1 violent tornado won’t verify a high risk.
  13. Clanton was missed earlier but this may hit them head on, or at least nail the exit where Peach Park is.