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  1. Oh, I've seen the video posted on Twitter. Definitely a confirmed today given the very obvious rotating and upward motion of the debris cloud.
  2. Looking at some of the damage, some Iowa counties may have near total losses of corn crops. They're just completely flattened.
  3. So, for the Chicagoland area today: rampant looting in the early morning, then a large factory fire near O' Hare, now tornado warning with 80+mph winds. 2020 is wild, today, even wilder.
  4. LOT is including wording that winds may last longer than 30 minutes, which seems pretty damn accurate.
  5. Sounds like holding firm with the MDT given the wording on that MD.
  6. Widespread damage reported in Cedar Rapids, unsurprisingly.
  7. Damn, Marshalltown can't catch a break these last 2 years.
  8. Well, that's pretty easy to accomplish when one has already happened before August 1st.
  9. And yet somehow they've been open for traffic knowing this was coming. Multiple diversions in progress, including int'l arrivals to JFK.
  10. The core of Hampton Roads has a break, for now, but more cells are coming up in the arc, so Va Beach & Norfolk aren't out of the woods by any means.
  11. Nice debris ball on the cell in the City of Suffolk. It's come out of the Great Dismal Swamp and now heading across a lot of farms and sporadic homes but quickly approaching more developed areas near the center of town.
  12. Went right over NS Norfolk and Fleet Weather Center with no apparent issues.
  13. No, that's not gonna happen.