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  1. Oh, this whole thing has really shown how selfish many Americans are. It's hilarious when folks are all about "my personal freedoms" but places "can't tell me what to do." Like, you can't have it both ways.
  2. Smh, and they wonder why their industry is being hit so hard.
  3. Had it made landfall 15 miles farther west, it would've easily been a good $5bil more damaging and practically wiped out much of PCB and downtown Panama City with surge. Also would've completely destroyed my parent's place by St. Andrews State Park if not by the 160mph winds then definitely the 14ft surge versus the wind ripping the roof off and ripping siding away. It was surreal being stationed at Keesler AFB and watching it unfold relatively not far away.
  4. Right up there with Reed, except Simon literally has the most monotone voice of any chaser.
  5. Wealth does not equate to quality of life/highest living standards. That's just a flat-out false pretense. I've spent many months on end in Australia, for example, and my quality of life and overall well-being was better.
  6. Really, highest standard of living in the world for a major country? Australia, Canada, & Germany would all beg to differ, to name a few.
  7. Thanks for that wonderful insight. Really added a lot to the conversation.
  8. It's always a race to see who can say they "see an eye developing" first in hopes of being right, I swear.
  9. You're trying to give points to a local forecast likely generated by a computer that they don't even really augment.
  10. Y'all want to both knock it the hell off?
  11. Looking at Sally & Ivan landfall advisories, it looks like their center points are only about 5-7 miles apart. Simply incredible.
  12. So, is anybody else realizing Sally is making landfall at the exact same location that Ivan did on the same date, just a few hours later, and only 15mph less (for now)?