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  1. I've been tracking that from over here because I'm responsible for that region & JTWC dropped the ball big time. 2 days ago there were 2 well-defined clusters with evident surface circulation, and in the span of 2 hours last night, one group of storms exploded & closed off the eye. It was bombs away very fast then. Already forecasting flooding in Djibouti, because well, it happens in a scenario like this with ease over there.
  2. I can't say it enough, this deployment I'm on couldn't have hit at a better time. Watching the s*it show unfold from 8k miles away is incredible.
  3. Stand back, we've got a keyboard badass here telling folks to "gtfo" on an internet board.
  4. So that seems to go more along the lines of government mismanagement, shocking, versus not used because of actual case load. That argument then falls dead and goes more after NYC, New York, and the feds.
  5. But how can he compare something he wasn't in to something he actually was in?
  6. Oh yeah, what a great response to compared to what we're seeing now, especially in more rural states.
  7. That's footage from Typhoon Sinlaku hitting Taiwan in 2008, just really zoomed in on a small truck from Earth Uncut TV's YouTube channel.
  8. Pardon my language, but "b***h, what the actual f**k" kind of statement is that? Bruh, someone take his ass out of the media, please.
  9. The person LITERALLY has the red, degreed meteorologist tagging. So....try harder? I'm orange because while I'm not degreed, I am professionally trained, enlisted, and currently forecasting overseas with the World's Finest Navy.
  10. Well, we saw how that worked out for us on here with Eta.
  11. Charley's long lost Greek relative.
  12. Looks to angle itself right into Broward County, so the cams in downtown FTL, Dania Beach Pier, & Hollywood Beach are going to get really good.
  13. When you look tighter & a little better but still weaker than Michael...
  14. Camille was a lie and we all know it. 902mb/155kt