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  1. Gusted to 66mph, sustained at 47mph, at 238am in my backyard in Fenton, MO. These winds are no joke, and this part of metro STL is very hilly, so there's probably a small amount of topographic effects. Plenty of power flashes and very audible tree cracking in the area. It's been a couple years since I've witnessed non-convective or tropical winds like this.
  2. The fact this tornado went through some of the most densely populated sections of the nation's 4th largest metropolitan area with not a single fatality is nothing but a miracle. Timely warnings helped significantly but given the major thoroughfares it crossed with traffic hit and still no deaths is incredible.
  3. Once the hail threat diminished some, that momentum really brought the wind to Smyrna, Walter Hill, and northern Murfreesboro. My folks took some tree damage and there were numerous snapped and uprooted trees near the Siegel schools and the VA Medical Center.
  4. 71mph (62kts) max gust at Love Field (KDAL) which also suffered a total power failure because of the storms. 1 confirmed fatality so far from the tower crane that snapped and collapsed in Old East Dallas, just NE of downtown. KPMG Plaza suffered numerous broken windows from falling/flying debris from the adjacent Hall Arts Residences that's under construction in the Arts District. Countless large trees, some over 100 years old, toppled in the Prestwood/Preston Hollow area of northern Dallas.
  5. Dozens of damage reports in the DFW Metroplex, notably in Collin, Dallas, & Denton Counties with many large trees snapped and uprooted.
  6. Levee has been overtopped on the Illinois at Nutwood. Also, the River des Peres in south St. Louis is about to go over Broadway and many, many businesses in Southtown and vicinity are pumping their basements.
  7. A very intense cluster of storms is headed for the STL area, and this could be a very nasty situation given the hail history combined with both the Blues at home and Cardinals at home this evening. There's at least 70,000+ people downtown for the events, so this is a potentially critical situation evolving.
  8. MS River at St. Louis is now forecasted to crest at 44ft on the 3rd but then hold at that level for 3-5 days. This would be the #2 crest and potential is there for the crest to be higher by up to 2ft depending on rainfall.
  9. There's only widely scattered farms in that region outside of the towns, like Colby and Hays. It'd be extremely easy for a tornado to hit nothing but maybe some center-pivot irrigation equipment out there and nothing else.
  10. Confirmed tornado in El Reno, moving east.
  11. The Jefferson City tornado took probably the 2nd worst track into the city. Mind you, it’s one of the smallest state capitals in the nation, so the track last night was about as bad as it could get. The only track that would’ve been worse was an ESE trajectory right down US 50, crossing the entire breadth of the city from west to east. .
  12. I think you’re right. That is a bit surprising given the two significant tornadoes that’ve gone right through densely populated areas of St. Charles & St. Louis Counties and St. Louis City in 2011 and 2013. .
  13. I saw the posted video and you can see debris in the roadway. This is after it had moved through the city and was dissipating.