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  1. Kind of surprised the Cheyenne tornado was rated only EF2 given some of the contextual damage in the path.
  2. Hondo, TX just gusted to 55kts with frontal passage, no convection. It is about to blast down here in SATX.
  3. 76mph at Love Field and 63mph at Executive/Red Bird Airport.
  4. NAS JRB Fort Worth lost power and no observation came out to catch the squall. Also, sirens going off in most of Dallas County for all municipalities. Update: City of Dallas keeps continuously reactivating with about 30 second pauses between them.
  5. 77mph at Fort Worth Meacham Airport (FTW). Ironically, it is the METAR.
  6. And barreling right down the I-20/TX-183 corridor during the evening rush. Good lord...
  7. That cell in Palo Pinto County is riding that OFB right into the northern core of the Metroplex. Don't count your beans this early.
  8. Also monitoring a potential sleeper hail threat near SAT and AUS areas towards the midnight timeframe.
  9. The ASOS moved a few years ago at a lower part of the AUS property and the office in New Braunfels has mentioned that with all the record lows seen lately at Bergstrom versus Mabry. Part of it is also the county is a singular zone versus say some in Florida put as "inland" versus "coastal."
  10. The fact models usually struggle with these shallow cold air masses and they're trending with icing now up to the edge of the Escarpment in Bexar County is getting concerning. Austin and nearby could be in some big trouble.
  11. Problem is in Selma is that you can see a lot of subpar, older, and/or poor construction and a good majority of homes will probably be totaled.
  12. That drastic a jump makes me just want to say “toss it” with this run. Something seems way off. .
  13. The fact we could potentially have verifiable blizzard conditions in the STL area, especially Metro East, is freaking wild. .
  14. Bassfield gets hit again for the 2nd time in under 3 years. Yeesh, what terrible luck.
  15. The supercell near Wisner, LA is going to be a problem for the Jackson area in time. It's got a lot of space outside of the thunderstorm over Waterproof, LA.
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