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  1. Well, this is highly concerning moving into a highly populated area of southern metro Jax.
  2. Eufaula, AL has had bad luck in March in back-to-back years.
  3. There may be the possibility this tornado was on the ground for some time before warning came out, based on radar presentation leading up to the warning.
  4. Radar confirmed tornado near the MS Gulf Coast in George County near Lucedale. This storm will move into Mobile in about a half hour.
  5. Jonesboro is preliminary EF3 at 140mph, per NWS Memphis.
  6. Several new cells starting to develop either side of the MS River in western IL and NE MO.
  7. I'm surprised there isn't a PRESFR on the observation given the very close proximity event.
  8. It may be cycling as velocities are coming down somewhat, in addition to the CC drop expanding farther downrange. At least it'll miss Paragould to the east.
  9. Quell the surprise in that. It couldn't have bombed out at a worse time.
  10. TWC saw it on an ARDOT camera with lots of debris and power flashes.
  11. I haven't seen anything on Twitter from any of the local tv affiliates in HSV, and they're always on top of things.
  12. This cell is transiting 3 adjacent office CWAs and the mess of warnings for small slivers of counties has to be a headache to coordinate.
  13. Radar confirmed tornado over Sewanee as it moved up the terrain.
  14. We'll see what happens with the Franklin County, TN cell as it approaches and climbs the Cumberland Plateau just northeast of Winchester.
  15. I'm really surprised BMX hasn't fired a warning for extreme northern Marion County because it is literally on the county line with Franklin that is HSV's responsibility. EDIT: Just as I hit submit, they put out a SVR warn for it at least.