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  1. It was a classic supercell that had an absolutely ridiculous radar presentation.
  2. Mt. Mansfield, VT set a new all-time record high at 85. That is just incredible at any time, much less in late May!
  3. I don't even understand how I'll be able to help my folks in north Murfreesboro cover everything Friday night. Not just the garden veggies, but annuals, perennials getting ready to bloom, and some crape myrtles that are short enough to cover. I does appear in the longer range ensembles that we'll have a short grace period of spring weather and then comes the torch.
  4. And then Oklahoma 3 days later with another EF-5 and two upper-end EF4s.
  5. This wake low pushed it from roughly 80k back to over 100k.
  6. Nashville escaped the storms, but now a wake low event is raking the metro. 2020 has is out for Davidson County apparently.
  7. Hail larger than baseballs in eastern Norman.
  8. Likely tornado in progress north of Carthage.
  9. Max gust at KMQY (Smyrna/Rutherford County) of 53kt.
  10. Max gust at BNA measured at 62kt.
  11. That’s about to be a pretty big problem for the areas hit by the EF3 in March. So many tarps and weakened trees aren’t a good combination. .
  12. Which just had a confirmed tornado not even 2 weeks ago.
  13. Official report is out, MSW are 160kt and min pressure of 910mb, both at landfall in the Abacos at Elbow Cay.
  14. Multiple cars damaged and at least 1 semi flipped on I-40 east of Tuckers Crossroads in Wilson County.
  15. It’s still being investigated as the rating has not been finalized by JAN yet.