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  1. KNIP (NAS Jacksonville, FL) measured a gust to 66kt with this line a bit ago. I used to do obs & forecasting there and that had to do some heavy tree damage on the opposite side of the St. Johns River for sure. .
  2. NAM is really banking on all mixed precip, looks mostly sleet, for STL, hence the crash in totals.
  3. KC Int'l closed earlier this morning and closed until noon, for now. I was inbound from STL to connect and go on to SAN and we got diverted back and then cancelled.
  4. That's a false picture he's showing, and should know better. Those trees are clearly in spring leaf out.
  5. Headed directly towards DFW Airport. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth has issued a * Tornado Warning for... Eastern Tarrant County in north central Texas... Northwestern Dallas County in north central Texas... * Until 645 PM CST. * At 609 PM CST, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located over Forest Hill, moving northeast at 35 mph.
  6. New tornado warning just east of Commerce, TX with a confirmed wall cloud. The storm is unfortunately headed into a region with crappy radar coverage.
  7. Currently a nasty looking tornado just passed by the Springfield, MO radar, and it is confirmed by law enforcement. Also, another suspect storms that is SVR warned out west of metro St. Louis, headed that way over the next 1-2 hours.
  8. They've updated to a RADAR CONFIRMED tornado.
  9. The Slidell (LIX) office put out some stronger wording in their afternoon AFD. The potential certainly is there for a significant event for the region.
  10. And it is headed directly towards the NWS office there in Calera. This storm developed near Hammond, LA and has not stopped yet as it prepares to enter the metro Birmingham. Incredible.
  11. This tornado is still on the ground apparently, with the larger population center for the region, Demopolis, in danger within the hour.