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Potential Major Noreaster 10-26 through 10-27


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14 minutes ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

Over 3” so far . That’s about Enough for the grass I spent 20 hours on  

The KBG overseeding I did 10 days ago looked good earlier today. Thursday sun should perk it up more. 


1 minute ago, CoastalWx said:

Wind a little more north now. Can see it on radar as it shifts south. May stabilize things a tad before it goes back more NNE later when the low moves SW. Cranking to about 50 I would say or close to it. 45-50.

Does little man have an in home station?

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2 minutes ago, wxsniss said:

Biggest winds so far in Boston metro, as expected

KBOS 51.8 mph gust at 1:30am

Eversource EMA up to 27K outages, 2.2% of customers

Still think mixing down has been relatively less than expected so far:


Yeah I just took the dog out and it’s windy but not something that doesn’t happen wind wise several times per year.

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Scituate 87mph 227am

No doubt biggest winds of event along coast underway now

Eversource EMA outages more than doubled in past hour to 63,396, 5% customers

Coming in intermittent bursts with calm in between, so I continue to suspect mixing has been relatively limited, at least in Boston area

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