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Potential Major Noreaster 10-26 through 10-27


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11 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

This would be quite a winter storm... 2.30+ inches of water so far from SYR to BOS suburbs.  Big water amounts over a wide range of areas.  Some 5-6+.  Pretty impressive and still going.


Would love to see a slow moving retrograding low like this in the winter. 3 feet would be nice.

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4 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

Dec 1992 came close … Brockton MA had nearly 5” of cat paw rain then flipped to 6 hrs of blue air chutes and snowed (I think) 9”

3.5” of cat paw rain fell sideways under undulating ceilings ( …low melt level ) at UML. And then came the 17” the top 9 of which was powder. 

ORH hills did 36 give or take but even there lost the fist in. of QP to white rain. 

I had 18", my sister at a high elevation in Charlton had close to 3 feet with huge drifts. That storm started a parade of good winters in the early 90's.

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13 minutes ago, Ginx snewx said:


Not sure I'm buying the Hull YC.

...Plymouth County...
Hull YC                      77 MPH    0848 PM 10/26
Duxbury                      61 MPH    0825 PM 10/26
Marshfield AP                44 MPH    0835 PM 10/26
Plymouth AP                  44 MPH    0813 PM 10/26
Hanover                      37 MPH    0740 PM 10/26
Mattapoisett                 32 MPH    0920 PM 10/26
Scituate                     32 MPH    0917 PM 10/26
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