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i went to the nov 2018 snowstorm thread for old model/radar images and came across this. lol

On 11/14/2018 at 7:35 AM, qg_omega said:

Nws has the right idea with less than one inch for NYC and the coast.  Coating to two inches to the NW and highest amounts above 1k feet


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December dates with the most 6" storms in NYC...


8.1" in 1886...

8.0" in 2003...

7.9" in 1926...

6.0" in 2002...


8.3" in 1945...

16.0" in 1948...

7.9" in 1995...

10.9" in 2009...


7.5" in 1883...

11.4" in 1912...

7.1" in 1966...


8.0" in 1890...

18.0" in 1872...

11.2" in  1933...

26.4" in 1947...

20.0" in 2010...

no other dates had more than two 6" storms...most dates had none...12/26 has the most...

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Just a heads up to those who enjoy snowfall forecast contests ... Northeast US snow contest enters its 22nd year and the deadline there is also end of today, the link is here:


The site runs a winter-snowfall contest and for any storms that appear, storm forecast contests. Probably a large number of the regulars there are members of American Weather Forum with (in some cases) different usernames.

The region covered runs from Maine to North Carolina. 

Also please note deadline approaching for the temperature forecast contest here (general weather forum) which contains a winter snowfall forecast segment. 

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2 hours ago, NorthShoreWx said:

As I wait for my new BC skis to find their way off a container ship, I watched this old clip of a group in Japan learning to use theirs.  The screaming in Japanese is a hoot:



My friends are looking into doing a multiday cross country ski trip this winter. I imagine our trip would eventually devolve into this.

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1 hour ago, Rjay said:

This morning 





Good evening Rjay, BxE. My hair left and followed my dads. As a consolation prize fate left it all with me from the eyebrows down … and … allowed it to multiply. So with a shiny pate and well forested slopes i think of my self as a snow capped Pocono ( low rise ). It does make me feel good knowing that once the sap starts flowing the trees get theirs back. With this sap it never worked. Have a good night, stay well. As always …

1 hour ago, BxEngine said:

Your hair is next


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1 hour ago, LongBeachSurfFreak said:

You know things are dismal on the winter weather front when the entire main thread is dominated by snowman. 

So this has nothing to do with climate change because we do have a ton of cold air in Alaska and northern Canada.  We actually need more climate change to make it wintry down here, because when the Arctic warms up all that cold air is sent down here.  So if you guys want more wintry weather turn on your vehicles and idle them, thats the fastest way to get more CO2 into the atmosphere


/kidding lol

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