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  1. Yes it will it’s just matter of do we get a clean snow event or a mixed bag. Cold air is dense and it does go through regardless of mountains but the upper air could warm up.
  2. Yeah I pay attention to those spots and up to 500 miles south throughout the northern hemisphere. The frigid air is coming. It’ll be here just in time for around Christmas this year in my opinion.
  3. I was just checking a bunch of north of the circle locations and seems like Sunday is the last day of above freezing temps in many of those locations
  4. Colder air will start invading the north hemisphere after this weekend guys. Enjoy your day.
  5. On average when is the first day that it snows in NYC? Even if it’s a trace? Sorry I was just wondering and yes I may be a
  6. How did the winters end up those years for Newark if you don’t mind telling me?
  7. I don’t get it I saw one too earlier! By the way I love this weather!
  8. You guys ready for winter or it can wait? weather has been phenomenal
  9. It is perfect this morning and it’s shaping out to be a perfect looking day! 64 degrees this morning going up to 78
  10. How bad is this weather going to get tonight into tomorrow?
  11. Meteorological fall is here everyone. Enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather before it starts cooling down. How was your summer?
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