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2021 Mid-Atlantic Severe Weather - General Discussion


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5 minutes ago, North Balti Zen said:

Still humid as hell here. We just got some rain for about 15 minutes from the cell that was producing a potential tornado near Columbia. Sun is out. Perhaps enough juice left for a round 2?

Still couple of hours out... so we watch

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11 minutes ago, Winter Wizard said:

Captured this wall cloud from the storm near Reisterstown earlier today. Tried to capture that storm near Elliott City but ended up getting caught in the rain shaft and 695 traffic.


Hope everyone stays safe out there.


Nice, that's across from Camp Fretterd? Like 2 miles from my house.

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1 minute ago, mattie g said:

Not sure I beat that.

Now…I picked up about 2.00” of rain in the last 72 hours, so I’m not complaining. I also (kinda) don’t want tennis ball hail hitting my house.

Lol. I was watching that storm before it ducked South of Montclair thinking this one will be fun.  Then i read the warning and I was perfectly happy with my .15 of rain.

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54 minutes ago, Derecho! said:

it is so wierd the Philly board doesnt even have a SVR thread. And they would have 100 times the posts for a quarter inch of flurries than a PDS tornado.

Most philly posters who did post here,have since moved to post on phillywx 

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2 minutes ago, CAPE said:

Another exciting severe weather day in the MA. Looking forward to the next super dry multi-day wind event. One thing we are decent at outside of heat and humidity.

we are so good at failing! 

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