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Jan 22-24 blizzard obs, tracking, nowcasting #2


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Went to bed at 3 after a yellow band came through, but did not measure.  Up at 6 to pouring snow.  


Just went outside to measure.  I had cleared a spot for measuring...that was useless....way too windy.


Measured 16-18 going with 17.    Can't wait to measure agin in an hour!


....unbelievable snow rates right under the yellow's in MoCo   :snowing:


12:45pm First Flakes

 4:30pm 2"

 7:00pm 3.5"

 8:00pm 3.8"

 9:30pm 5"

10:30pm 6"

12:00pm 7.75" 

 2:00am 9"

 7:30am 17"

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Heavy snow and blowing snow; depth of 19 inches.


For a list of LWX measurements, you have to dig unless they link it at the top.  Go down to bottom of LWX's home page and click on Text Bulletins; scroll down to PNS - Public Information Statement; scroll to LWX - Sterling, VA.  Link:


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That wind is blowing the snow into a milkshake froth. Snow is blowing off the roofs, cars, off the ground. Visibility is shot to hell. Welcome to the NEW New England!  Even more snow is falling and the rates are on the increase.


its going to take days and days to dig out of this, it is worthy of weathafella, Ginx Snewx or 40/70 Benchmark.


My neighbors are gonna be all over my azz: "Jebman! Get out here and dig me out! You wanted this!"

Some of em read the board. One of my friends was even insisting yesterday that I clear their snow according to Jebman Standards.


Yeah, man. I've really done it now.

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Unless I'm reading the short range model wrong it seems like the immediate dc area will be in and out of bands for the next 3 hours until the main band starts moving back south. Areas up north in that monster band are going to probably be the jackpot.

Models suggest we may get another 8-14" on top of what is on the ground.

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