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  1. 2-2.5" in New Market, but suspect sleet starting to mix in.
  2. Dangg...annapolis snow? Still sleet...but sounds like meteors hitting the house.
  3. Just don't seem to be able to get under the radar heavies here...
  4. Unlike the last few, not our storm here in New Market....can't seem to shake the sleet.
  5. And back to mostly sleet...
  6. Switched back to SN+ a little while ago...couple inches on the ground of combo sleet/snow.
  7. Wasn't expecting to wake up to sleet, but lots of pingers...
  8. It's a Hagerstown winter...they're doing well out there.
  9. Second mashed potato snow in 5 days...
  10. Still snowing lightly, but about -4.25" here
  11. Been in the mod-heavy snow for a while now. Beautiful out...
  12. Haven't had anything but snow in New Market...
  13. Holding around 37ish...precip should be here soon.