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  1. Yeah...tis a blowin'. I live on top of the first hill going into New Market and it blew some things over already that haven't budged in months....
  2. I was surprised how little seemed to be on the ground going to work off 85. Didn't get an official measurement but easily 2.5-3" at about 530' in New Market.
  3. Nearest PWS's are around 6" for the day. Given all the road closures, etc etc it seems about right....
  4. A nothing event so far in FDK..3 hour flizzard so far.
  5. Ended here just NW of FDK with about 2" or so...better than most, but a huge bust per the models.
  6. We probably got up to 1.5 in the heavy snow, but it compacted melted immediately once the rates slowed.
  7. As soon as the rates drop it is back to sleet...
  8. Entering the rare realm of SN++....good times.
  9. Finally SN that is sticking to everything....
  10. Well I'll be has switched back over and the all surfaces are starting to cave.
  11. Trees getting a glaze...not seeing the flakes someone else up here mentioned.
  12. Not remotely buying the 3-4" in FDK....we'll see.
  13. Mostly rain....I shouldn't be surprised, but I thought we'd stay frozen up here.
  14. Still holding on to snow at the moment, but only a matter of minutes it seems until a flip...