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  1. Yes over an inch here in cape May. Guess I am really paying for those 2 Nina winters where the beaches scored. Two half inch events this winter and one half inch all of last winter. Glad you did better this winter.
  2. 1” total from two 1/2” events. Now I know that we are supposed to get less than any other part of this sub forum, but isn’t that a little extreme? Just a warmer version of 1994. Extreme gradient and I live on the wrong side of it. Wish I could travel.
  3. Hoping for our first inch of snow in 2 years. Bar set pretty low. Coastal area is out of wiggle room.
  4. Hahaha I get it guys, this place sucks for snow. We average 15”/yr so this drought is pretty bad. I grew up in Morris Co but have been down here since ‘95. So basically I grew up in the snow drought years of the 80s and 90s up there and moved here where it’s worse. I love it here tho. Surfing, fishing, kayaking and hunting. It’s pretty sweet. I normally head to Vermont and Colorado every winter to snowboard but can’t due to Covid. I think 95 and N &W look good for this one. Wish I could chase up north with my family but you know.
  5. Good luck up there inland peeps. I just can’t see a way we win down here with this one. That’s why I reeling over losing tomorrow. That one felt like ours. “Southern slider” for south coastal snow weenies. Have not had an inch of snow in almost 48 months.
  6. I’ve noticed the rain here has been getting colder with each storm.
  7. Water temp issue can be a bit tricky. During early summer, the thermocline is shallow, so it is fairly easy to upwell cold water. Due to Ekman transport a sea breeze can provide swells, but also move warm water offshore and pull cold water to the surface. Later in the summer, the warm layer is thicker and more difficult to upwell cold water. Where I live in Cape May, one must be careful looking at water temps in the spring and fall due to strong influences from the shallow Delaware Bay and adjacent marshes. For example, in the fall, after a cold night, if water temps are sampled in the morning during low tide, you would get an artificially low temp. Opposite holds in spring. Our latest temp is 41. That’s a bit influenced by 2 cold nights in a row.
  8. Saw some solid flurry action about 20 minutes ago. I’m satisfied. 1st flakes of the year on Christmas night no less. Merry Christmas everyone.
  9. Currently 44f with NW winds 20-25 picked up 2.75” since last night. Ocean temp right around 50f so a few degrees above average.
  10. Friend says over 2.75” in his rain gauge West Cape May, NJ Unreal how wet it has been
  11. @CAPE Wife and I happened to be visiting family in N Jersey for that storm so we saw the full brunt of it which was awesome. However, coastal cape May did get about a foot of snow That turned to a mix of sleet and ice with storm force winds. When we came home, the north side of the house was caked in a 2” thick crust of sleet and ice. Never seen anything like that since down here.
  12. Thank you once again @J.Spin for the detailed info on Bolton. Unfortunately, I cannot make it up this time. I will strongly consider these options in the future. I haven’t been to Bolton since I was a kid with my family around 1982.
  13. Thank you @J.Spin for the update. I’m still not sure but can decide as late as Wed to make that long drive. I’m so snow starved. Curious about Bolton backcountry. I see you have posted pictures in the past. Easy to access? Mostly looking to earn my turns this weekend. Any suggestions much appreciated!
  14. Not sure if this is best topic to post this, but I was wondering what backcountry skiing is like in Vermont? I believe it was @J.Spin that posted about Brandon Gap last winter. I went there a year ago President's weekend and absolutely loved it. Anyway, I have a 3 day weekend coming up and wonder if anyone has been to Brandon Gap recently? Also, not liking the trends for the mid week storm. Thank!