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  1. I just got off the phone with my brother who lives in Ft Collins (60 miles north of Denver) and he reported 1/10 mile vis and ping-pong ball sized snowflakes (4"+ on grass already). They live on the west end of the city, close to the foothills so they expect anywhere from 8-18" of limb-snapping snow. My daughter just committed to enroll at Colorado State and i teased her this morning about their crazy weather swings.
  2. Forgot to post but 2.2" rain in my friends gauge in West Cape May. Had a nice little fire going in the wood stove last three evenings. I save the softer maples and poplars for early fall and late spring. I keep the oak, cherry, hard maple and black locust for the heart of winter.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Fresh snow of any kind is welcome. Re altitude, yes i have heard Loveland is rough but at least we acclimate to 5500 feet a few days before the big hill.
  4. Hello everyone. My wife, daughter and I will be coming your way this weekend to look at colleges and do some snowboarding. We tour Boulders campus Friday and CSU on Sat. As well as visit with my brother in Fort Collins. Hoping to hit up Loveland Sunday and Monday. Looks like our timing might be decent as the current warm and dry spell may break this week. Would greatly appreciate any insight about what to expect as far as weather and conditions. Thanks so much.
  5. True rates are weak. Radar looks lame too. Kinda disappointed.
  6. Literally flipped from rain to snow on 76th street in Manhattan in last half hour
  7. I'm hearing this storm may resemble mid Feb '14 storm. I hope not since down here we rotted in a dry slot and never flipped to snow. Weird event with lightning hitting the ocean right as my buddy and I were paddling out to surf. Scared the sh!t out of us be we were ok. Euro really puts us on the fence. Blend it with GFS and we are toasted. There is serious cold to work with so maybe we get a good thump before rain. Like Jonas
  8. Maple trees blooming, blueberry bushes starting to open buds, bunker active on the bay. Crazy early. I even saw laughing gulls on Saturday. Red winged blackbirds have been back for some time now too.
  9. Great ski trip thanks Agnes. Wife and I took 6 teenagers but it was fun. We all snowboard and we spent first 2 days in the woods with fresh snow then it torched but fun soft snow on trails. We go to Poconos to ride Sunday. Might be icy by then.
  10. Right when I want it least we will now be the cold spot in our region and will likely be for next 2 months. In the 50s here with a sea breeze. Got my fill of snow last week in Killington. Boy did we luck out!
  11. Sorry if this has been asked a million times before, but was that the most recent triple phased storm to impact our region? I have read conflicting information on that subject. Thanks.
  12. Killington was fun today with very mild temps and soft trails. Got on the slopes early and quit around 1pm as it was very crowded. Once my little canyon secret was out I worked my way back to the condo. It was a blast from about 8am until 11:30 then all the "heroes" showed up. Lol i spent the afternoon snowshoeing the breadloaf wilderness area almost until dark. Funny how I was so close to Middlebury ski bowl. My daughter applied there and is waiting to hear. It's her one reach school.
  13. I'm sure areas north of central VT and parts of NH and ME have more snow but the past 2 days here at Killington have felt like being in Colorado. We really lucked out and appreciate how special this trip has been.
  14. I wish. Rack and bag. Delaware Bay is too open and rough for floating systems. We are real small but hoping to expand. Some of the big outfits are working an offshore grow methods. Jersey is tough for regulations as well. Sun is out at Kmart and woods holding nice snow. Wind has scoured out some trails but made for fun drifts. With warmer weather this weekend and crowds, hopefully groomers soften up for families. The easier glades at rams head have been super fun in the morning. Grabbing a beer at bear mtn and ready for steeper woods riding.
  15. I grow oysters! Next year lol.