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  1. Lived out in ocean City New Jersey for that storm. Incredible getting 16 inches of cold powder considering how quick of a mover it was. Still to this day it had the strongest winds I’ve ever experienced in a snowstorm.
  2. Thanks man I appreciate it. Stay safe down there and we all will get our snowstorm next weekend!
  3. How’s Charlotte looking for this storm? I live up in south Jersey and even we are getting all rain up here but my brother lives in Charlotte and has been asking me about it but I’m just super unfamiliar with how storms play out down there.
  4. The tornado outbreak in east pa/ central Jersey with that massive EF3 a couple weeks back had very little if any sun to destabilize.
  5. Yeah I think we literally just kicked off an explosive episode of deepening. Hopefully recon will hang out there for a bit during this process.
  6. She will close that eye wall off relatively soon and it’s all systems go after that.
  7. South Jersey represent! I’m out in Atlantic county man and I feel the same way you do. Would love to truly witness a hurricane at one point and not an extra tropical Hybrid decaying mess. Don’t get me wrong I do understand the impact storms like this can have on lives and wish everyone the best but as a weather nut you can’t help but want in on the action
  8. I feel your pain man! I’d take an inch and run at this point. Still a ways out but I do think even we will see at least some flakes at the onset
  9. Hoping to see maybe one flake down in south Jersey with this one. If that did happene we would beat the December storm by..... you guessed it 1 flake On the real I know thermals and precip are the last to get figured out but I’m at odds to what even root for to get a decent storm down here. Quicker phase? Earlier capture? Or just stronger WAA snows and accept the rain from any coastal. Regardless should be a great storm for most of the area!
  10. Long time lurker new member here and even though I’m from the south Jersey shore this forum is my go to. A lot of times what happens in the dc area has similar sensible weather in my area. With that said I still believe this storm to be close enough and given the high volatility with that tpv that I would not write this storm off yet regardless of today’s model runs. To end my introductory post I want to thank all of you guys for your great analysis ( besides that ji dude) ; )
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