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  1. If my area ever ends up being the "bullseye", I'll eat my shorts... literally
  2. just as i type that, back to sleet
  3. dumping snow in Sparrows Point, nice surprise
  4. 1" of 33 degree rain most likely
  5. What is your forecast in regards to ice? I'm just under your 4-8" area in Baltimore County by the bay.. I have a feeling a good amount of freezing rain will show itself around here
  6. yeah, it looks like they ticked their confidence down a notch
  7. Best rates I've seen all night here.. my wife hates when I have the outside lights on "just to look at some snow".. some people will never learn
  8. Rain/snow mix in Sparrows Point.. its lovely
  9. Just started seeing flurries in Sparrows Point
  10. I know it's a week away.. but next Tuesday storm looks mighty tastyyy
  11. RGEM with 5-6 inches around BMore for Wave 1
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