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  1. Ok cool. I was like...what am I missing?
  2. I thought the thump looked more suppressed than 0z
  3. Does the SER ahead of this system keep it from being suppressed? When I look at this, I think it is going to cut. Thoughts?
  4. Last 24 hours of the Euro....Does it keep trending and go to our north or does the block do it's work?
  5. Hmm...from what I can tell, it did not. It actually looks a little better in the Pacific than 0z, no? 0z v 12z
  6. Um yeah. I thought the same thing! If you are looking for increased chances of at least seeing some snow (far better than what we have seen recently), it looks great!
  7. Love the retrograding L to the north on the GFS...interesting look lol
  8. I would agree with this...and was also thinking the GEPS was leaning more toward the EPS than the GEFS with the long range. I’d imagine a compromise in the middle could be possible....I also wonder if that period is more questionable given we would be approaching the period for impacts, if any, from the SSW?
  9. You can see the EPS moving toward what PSU was mentioning with the ridge in the Pacific retrograding, the NAO weakening, and the trough dumping in the west with a SER popping...
  10. My thoughts exactly. It is encouraging that the period many have highlighted as our best chance is coming into view on guidance and does in fact look good. I would have definitely loved some gravy, but it is not looking likely. I am trying to step away from any expectations for next week because it just looks like heartbreak.
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