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  1. Congrats all. Seems most people did really well with avoiding too much cloud cover. And the folks in western NY had some heads up to get out of there. Of course that isn't realistic for everyone.
  2. Mansfield is a good spot. Surprised you got a room!?
  3. ha..definitely don't put any weight on my suggestion. Don't let Tomer doom and gloom you either. Nobody has time to drive to canada right now But yeah. I'd wake up tomorrow. Make another assessment. And then probably head to Norfolk OH.
  4. Pretty sure clouds will still exist in 2027. Get in the car and go to central Ohio. Enjoy!
  5. I wasn't here for March 93 but it was great in northeast Atlanta. Rain/Sleet/Freezing rain changed to heavy snow overnight. I got around 8-10" with drifting. Which was enough to shut things down for a few days. Though it didn't prevent us from getting to the bar a few blocks away, which was a priority as a 20 year old.
  6. Pouring one out for the last 12:45 am Euro run until November.
  7. Mid to late March has become "wintry" the last decade or so. The below amounts were all measured by me at low elevation in a city. It used to be pretty routine to stick a fork in winter after the first week of March. My point isn't that it will snow. Just that getting snow in mid to late March actually happens. We all lived it. 3/12/22: 1.5" 3/21/18: 4.5" 3/13-14/17: 3.0" 3/25/14: 2.25" 3/16-17/14: 7.75" 3/25/13: 2.25"
  8. The euro ens have a good signal...I'm on board for a snowstorm in about 2 weeks. It will favor inland of course but I've done pretty well in late season events over the past decade or so. It's really no longer some far fetched rarity. I just got 4.5" on 3/21/18. No reason I can't do the same on 3/21/24.
  9. 1/15-16: 4.0" 1/19: 3.75" 2/17: 0.25" Season Total: 8.0"
  10. i'm done with dynamics. I want it to be 18 degrees at onset. no cold air sucks
  11. 33/32, snow, T too bad it's moving so quickly. Sticking pretty well now other than street
  12. 34/32, puking. mulch, cartops etc. Maybe I'll get my 0.5"
  13. i'm down to 34-35. I'll take an hour of snow that sticks.
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