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  1. December isn't a winter month.
  2. 68/61, cloudy First sub 70 max at DCA since May 30th?
  3. I'm not too enthused about winter, but I haven't really done a deep dive yet. I have a presentation in 3 weeks. This thread looks like a good place to start.
  4. 75/67, partly sunny. This is atrocious.
  5. It's a longstanding tradition for New englanders to tell us how good our winters were when New England scored. Started with 04-05
  6. Summer now 78.9 vs 77.7 Based on new norms, 2013, 2014, 2017 all below normal summers.
  7. the CSV is kind of a PITA to navigate...if you go to Preview you can get the temp data in a more readable form....havent looked at BWI or IAD yet
  8. Looks like DCA snow now a more reasonable 13.7"...some average high temps of 90 in July...and looks like no average low below 30. Summer outlooks could be harder this year...temps went up quite a bit https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/access/search/data-search/normals-daily-1991-2020?stations=USW00013743
  9. I was at 3700' earlier this afternoon in Monongahela forest about 50 miles sw of Snowshoe, and there was about an inch covering everything except the road. 29 degrees.
  10. Camping in Susquehanna state park and we’ve gotten pretty unlucky with a batch around 7pm and now some bouts of pretty heavy rain. Did get a nice 4 hour period of dry. 52. Been 52 for the last 5 hours. Our low tonight will probably be 52.
  11. 77 out here in the hills. Gross, and bugs everywhere.
  12. only dropped to 43 last night. Now 72 and disgusting. The pollen is making me want to collapse. Hit 24 Saturday morning. Pretty impressive.
  13. 28, occasional snow squalls .
  14. Drove through some heavy-ish snow squalls home from Berkeley springs. Dropped to 31 at one point around 1800’ near my place. Currently 33, flurries. .
  15. 34, -SN earlier at 2,400’. Pretty.
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