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  1. Bust. Enjoy your 55 and misty in mid June
  2. Torrential rain, a little worried about water coming in my apt. A bunch of thunder and lightning
  3. nice rumble here in DC. 53/53, Heavy Rain
  4. 2021-22 Season to date: 14.5” 1/3 - 7.5" 1/7 - 2.5" 1/16 - 2.5” 1/28-29 - 0.5” 3/12 - 1.5”
  5. In Philly for this one. Kind of a bust here so far but I’m near center city right by the river. Cartopper. At best I’d call it 0.25”
  6. 4.5" downtown DC on 3/21/2018 +SN that morning...I had a cartopper+ on 3/6/18, but don't recall it
  7. The kicker on the euro digs much deeper and doesn't allow the first wave to amplify. The trough is too progressive. I have zero idea what will happen other than Fri-Mon looks interesting.
  8. 41/36....Light rain, with a couple random sleet pellets mixed in
  9. 94-95 had a KU. It wasn’t a total dud.
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