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  1. slowed down...2.85" so far in this discrete event..Most of that fell in an hour
  2. FWIW, the Euro moved the precip shield west. 4-6" jack from Manassas to Frederick. Some of that has fallen already.
  3. 4z HRRR is pretty dirty. Lets hope it's right.
  4. The gradient on the RAP is pretty nasty...still 3-4" for me and a show between 5 and 11
  5. The heavies could be gone by noon. Speaking of. Look at radar.
  6. HRRR is dirty. Gives me like 7” but the gradient is nasty
  7. I’m not worried about this front running bust. I like west too. If I get 3.5”+ I’ll be happy. If it’s like 1.87”, even a good hour or two event will leave me bereft and jealous. Fortunately it’s rain so I won’t be rooting against other people.
  8. There's a non-zero chance I could get Jermaine and Tito to post here.
  9. I’d shift all the models west.
  10. Heh. Downtown DC and Rose Hill are sister cities of fail.
  11. H****D. We’re gonna get a lot of rain.