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  1. sucks...hopefully there is still costly damage to infrastructure
  2. carrot cake fux....screw all the haters
  3. Heh. 90 degree days 7 so far this summer 9 for the year (we had two in May) Average for summer/annual: 34/40 longest 90 degree streak : 2 days norms start decreasing in 2-3 weeks june was a -0.3 (coolest since 2009) and July is around -1.3 after today this is no 2000, 2003, 2004 but reasonable chance of coolest summer since 2009 As the kids like to say - this summer f-ucks
  4. Ian and I stupidly drove up to silver spring/Bethesda where they were truly getting the goods and almost got stuck in a street river. Chasing flash flooding is a new low. Lol.
  5. 69/67, sprinkles. I wonder how often Newark is 88, Raleigh is 94. And DCA 71. Without sone localized thunderstorm.
  6. H**ward. I will check but pretty sure 2004 had <10 in JJA. 2003 maybe just a few more. Ji and I were pissed that we weren't good at heat anymore. We didn't hit 95 in either summer, and we lost faith that it could get that hot here again. Of course that didn't last long.
  7. DCA now at 1.52" for the evening.
  8. 70/69, Moderate Rain. DCA has 1.08" through 12:27 for this evening event. I'm on the eastern edge of the max swath, but still did pretty well. ~1.5-1.75" range in the last few hours. Nothing torrential though. I'm in a basement apt susceptible to flooding, and it wasn't close to an issue.
  9. Is it still supposed to be in the low 100's this week?
  10. As long as we're stuck in a relentless nina/-pdo regime, the chances of a big winter are pretty slim. The floor is failure and the ceiling is probably one cold month, two warm, +1 overall and median to average snow.
  11. 81/51 with a nice breeze. I’d prefer it a little cooler. But seasonable to seasonably cool June days are a win.
  12. Bust. Enjoy your 55 and misty in mid June
  13. Torrential rain, a little worried about water coming in my apt. A bunch of thunder and lightning
  14. nice rumble here in DC. 53/53, Heavy Rain
  15. 2021-22 Season to date: 14.5” 1/3 - 7.5" 1/7 - 2.5" 1/16 - 2.5” 1/28-29 - 0.5” 3/12 - 1.5”
  16. In Philly for this one. Kind of a bust here so far but I’m near center city right by the river. Cartopper. At best I’d call it 0.25”
  17. 4.5" downtown DC on 3/21/2018 +SN that morning...I had a cartopper+ on 3/6/18, but don't recall it
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