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  1. Pouring sleet in Leesburg. Maybe 4" of total accumulation outside.
  2. Snowing hard in Leesburg. Grass is covered, just starting to stick to streets and sidewalks.
  3. Returns look good up around Frederick MD. Anyone up that way seeing it reach the ground?
  4. I'm working on getting out the door so I can take one. Absolutely insane.
  5. Nearing up on 4" in Leesburg. It has slowed down significantly in the last half hour.
  6. 3.0" at 10:30. 1.5" in the last hour.
  7. There's the changeover. Nice big flakes now.
  8. Sleet / snow / graupel mix now. Changeover should be soon. Should be a fun day!
  9. Slowing down here, right on cue from the radar. 23 degrees. Looks like the could be more out west...
  10. I took this video of the Potomac at Algonkian park this morning. Going to make another pass after the snow slows down.... which looks like could be tomorrow now. :-p
  11. Those returns out over Winchester / Front Royal look great. Hope they hold together into Loudoun. Still pouring snow here.