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August Discussion/Obs


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2 minutes ago, dendrite said:

Looks like the storm broke the GFS

This run has more actual short wave mechanics loading into the trough basin (albeit subtle) - something we hadn't seen.

It's like the previous runs were opening up a deeper geopotential nadir, not based on that requirement. It's been the primary reason for my backing off the idea.  That, and the fact that the GFS has been having to correct just about everything it ever sees beyond D5's, to something less percentage-wise in amplitude coming into nearer terms, since about 2014 (<_<)

It's intriguing as a subtle but important difference. We'll see what the ens of the EPS and GEFies do

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Last night's Vegas downpour was excessively localized though ...there wasn't anything within 70 + miles of that solo cell as it went precisely over the city ...pretty much the same size as the city limits.   

Talk about dumb f'n luck -

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14 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

64F at 3:30pm at 1500ft base of the mountain.

MVL at 66F at 750ft.

Picnic tables 49-51F all afternoon.

Fall vibes.

Afternoon temps being below most of last week’s dew points :lol:.

That’s good for September. We still summer.

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29 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

That’s good for September. We still summer.

Lot of hikers today on the hill, one of the busier ones in a while.  Great weather for staying cool doing non-water activities.  But yeah, it’s September air while @kdxken’s 84/40s sounds about perfect.

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