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11 am update

-- Changed Discussion --

Forecast is on track. Temperatures were a degree or two warmer than previous forecast. Dew points are starting to mix out mainly across western Long Island, New York City, and northeast New Jersey. This should continue into the afternoon as dew points likely dip into the upper 50s, at least away from the southern coast of the city. In southern portions of the city, dew points should start increasing as sea breezes make their way through later this morning into the afternoon.

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12 minutes ago, jm1220 said:

Wow, Long Beach up to 95. SW Nassau can be the area hot spot when winds stay offshore or there’s a very weak seabreeze. 

92 here. 

There has also been almost no rain down there the past few weeks. Between the lack of rain and the w/nw winds they will roast.

94 here now. 

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