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June Discobs 2022

George BM

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11 minutes ago, nw baltimore wx said:

Stellar evening in the backyard with a rye whiskey before bed. Finally saw my first lightning bug of the season too. But only one so far.

Lightning bugs galore in our yard for the last week. So pretty to see.

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Last few days pretty much as good as it gets, 10/10.

Firefly season is ramping up, they're everywhere as expected.  Nice gentle breeze, dewpoints in 40s and 50s.  If we could do this all summer long, I'd be OK with it.  The reality, however, is we have to pay for nice things and really nice things are even more costly.  Can't say what the cost will be but y'all know the bill is coming! ;)

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3 minutes ago, North Balti Zen said:

Rained pretty hard for about 25 minutes up this way. I will take it, much needed. 

Really? It rained here from 330 until almost 6, picked up .38

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Slight risk of excessive rain for parts of the region.

Day 2 image not available

I get their reasoning on the location, but given the advertised track of the shortwave/developing low, the more widespread moderate to heavy rain looks to be north. Places within in the highlighted slight risk area would appear to also have a higher chance of seeing little to no rain with convection being more scattered. 

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