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June pattern and forecast discussion


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22 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

Forgot hot hot last June was… wow.  BDL put up 9 days of 90+ and 4 above 95.0F.

Last year on this date BDL’s max was 99F. Then followed it with 98F on tomorrows date.  Good grief.

Weak sauce this year



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Yeah ... we've been stuck in a NW flow aloft that when not NW... tries to tuck NE even at 500 mb - recall that closed low two weeks ago?   That had no business even behaving like that in June... weird to close that off then retrograde it down to the Carolina's, then back N all the way up to to get us on exit.  These are strange times...

There's other odd things going on that are happening under people's awareness, but I think are CC-related... like, troughs ALONG THE 594 F'UM non-hydrostats!


You don't trough arc into heights that high.     

It also goes along the point I was making last week, that we are seeing disproportionately cool lower tropospheres relative to the isohypses. 582 heights with 60s at the surface is a weighted quite strange.   

I think the HC pressing into N latitudes is steepening the ambient/planetary mid level gradient, which is enhancing the summer-time polar jet --> leads to unusually defined R-wave identities ...  Look at that 12z D10 Euro ... That's a dream configuration in February....  But I guess at 572 to 594 heights, it just lends to these idiosyncrasies in summer...   We've been closer to 100 F at 582 heights... but the GFS is using the depth to close off N'easters in the extended at times. 

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2 minutes ago, powderfreak said:


Had a tenth of an inch in a quick thunderstorm, nice to hear a few booms.  Reminds you it’s actually summer.

Of course spend thousands of dollars on A/C and not need it yet.  The high heat will come eventually.


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33 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

Man.. another AN month about to be in the books. Warmth abounds .. even in Coc k. Furnace spring 

You are trying too hard when BDL is +0.1 and BOS is -0.2 this month :lol:.

If that’s a furnace, last year was Dante’s Inferno. Salesman to the end.

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