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Thursday AM Jan 20 Anafront snow threat.

Sey-Mour Snow

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58 minutes ago, RobertSul said:

No, not Methuen.

Ah Methuen.  I loved everyone I met when I lived there.  Everyone that lives in Methuen grew up in Lawrence.  But moved to the suburbs of Lawrence when it got bad.  It's a funny thing being north and west of 495, it gets dumped on.  I live in Waterbury VT, I spent most of my adult life in Stowe, VT.  But in the 3 years I lived in Methuen I saw synoptic snow like no other.   I got so much snow when I lived there from 2000-2003.  Let me count the storms.  I dont need to, they speak for themselves.  I'm sure 40/70 knows of them.  You can find pics I took on don sutherlands site.    Having lived in the nickel and dime of VT I was totally unprepared by the size of snowfalls that could happen in Methuen.  I saw multiple 2 to 3 foot storms in those years.  I'm sorry 40/70, your time will come again, it's inevitable.  I've followed this whole gang since ne.weather

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