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Major Hurricane Ida

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These are the noon CDT conditions in N.O. showing gusts already to 61 mph. These will likely get much worse there during the next few hours. For a comparison, Betsy, which hit N.O. very hard, was 12 mb higher at 942 at about the time of landfall to the south vs the 930 of Ida in about the same location on a similar trajectory:

1200 PM CDT SUN AUG 29 2021  

N.O. INTL ARPT LGT RAIN 80 74 81 NE32G61 29.58F 
N.O. DWNTWN HE LGT RAIN 79 74 84 NE10G26 29.60F 
N.O. LAKEFRONT LGT RAIN 81 75 82 E44G61 29.64F

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Two New Orleans ASOS sites (KNEW and KMSY) have reported gusts to 55 kt and 53 kt (respectively) within the last hour. Galliano (KGAO) in Lafourche County gusted to 68 kt at 1715 UTC. That site may come close to being within the eyewall over the next hour or so.   

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5 minutes ago, turtlehurricane said:

So even though the Jokko guy has said some incorrect things, he is positioned in outer eyewall right now, and in perfect spot to get hit with inner eyewall shortly, at which point he really could really see those 150+ mph winds. https://www.severestudios.com

He's in a better position than any other chaser. 

Hopefully he makes it out alright, I’m presuming elevation probably isn’t more than 10-20 ft about sea level where he’s at

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The Jokko guy webcam is a couple hundred yards from this airport ASOS WX station:


Galliano, South Lafourche Airport (KGAO)

Lat: 29.44°NLon: 90.26°WElev: 0ft.

Rain and Windy




Wind SpeedNE 58 G 76 mph

Barometer28.76 in

Dewpoint75°F (24°C)

Visibility0.50 mi

Heat Index81°F (27°C)

Last update29 Aug 12:35 pm CDT

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