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  1. Eyeball probably passing 3 here, and still hanging on to snow...National Park NJ across from PHL. Noticing some very light returns filling in a bit west of me too, wondering if we can add a little back end pixie dust into the morning.
  2. Very light snow commenced at 11:22pm in National Park NJ, across from PHL.
  3. See a lot of people referencing 1994 on the ice. Normally I chuckle when I see 1994 mentions, the past few days though...can’t say I’m laughing.
  4. Persistent sleet here in National Park NJ...I suspect same at PHL. Good luck to all who flipped back to snow, hope you reach your projections.
  5. Good to hear. Location reminders super appreciated for those of us on old mobile devices ty
  6. We will know by late morning if it’s huffing glue. Would not be the first time that the once undisputed King of the medium range laid an egg while a long duration event. Wish I was rested enough to recall specific examples.
  7. National Park NJ, 1 mile from PHL Light sleet/zr mix started about 15 minutes ago as I shoveled.
  8. Moderate snow began as moderate signature on radar was moving past...no pingers so far National Park NJ across from PHL
  9. Another batch of light snow here in National Park NJ at 12:45pm
  10. Solid run....PHL itself has a chance at a noteworthy accumulation.
  11. Welp... There is literally 50 inches on some of these runs. A few weeks ago we laughed at 40 inches and whilst the placement was wrong...up by Binghamton saw that. The intense moisture feed off the Atlantic will likely help someone achieve some ridiculous totals. Maybe not 50...but someone could double up that 16. I think this smells Hecsish, but of course mileage may vary at any one location.
  12. If I end up with 6 inches I’m boycotting this model for a year.
  13. I’ll take bronze medal and 14 inches over a 10.5” gold really, I’m ok with others getting 30.7” if I get a foot
  14. Did we just get NAMed by the GFS? Is that a thing in 2021?