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Raining off and on. About .3" so far. Winds N 25 mph gusting to 35. 1004 mb.

With high tide the waves off the bay are coming over the seawall here at town beach, but no more than in a good nor'easter.

Lights have flashed a couple of times, but so far okay.

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Way inland in N Middlesex/Rt 2:

R/R-.   Thunder has occurred twice in the last 1/2 hr.


... Look at rad and sat, this is an arcing outer band as it pivots through. We damp but not raining an hour ago.  Breeze is light but enough to rustle the trees. 

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33 minutes ago, dendrite said:

BKN skies up here. A little breezy and 71/66. Really comfortable out.

Yeah ... I as noticing putsin' around this morning how the air mass quality really changed since yesterday.

It was 87/76 here... It's like we had a BD late August style - this air feels like a September nor'easter, where the SST are still lofty so the "cold" conveyor has a relative balm? 

It really feels exactly like that to me. I used to live at the eastern tip of Cape Ann/Rockport.  We'd have misty light rain [ September ] and clapping chop coming into the Harbor under grayish sheets, and you could go swimming in the tourist abandoned shore waters; the water felt warmer than the air.   ...you know, teenagers... Anyway, this air mass, if it didn't smell like the ocean this day, for being this far inland, it's the only thing that's different. 

I just thought it interesting.  Yesterday was calmly ominous. Today looks like a typical New England rainy pall -

Rad and sat look like it's opening up and core collapsing - not that it ever really garnered the latter.  So whether it is or isn't merely a nice early nor'easter homage, it is one -

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