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  1. First thread if that happened would probably be "VEI 8 Eruption: Winter 2020-2021 snowfall outlook" lol.
  2. Happy first day of hurricane season. 2020 has cursed vibes, so I will once again make the traditional declaration: this is the year of the 1938 redux.
  3. Nice downpours followed by some lingering rain, and a good lightshow. Already looking forward to next year’s severe season.
  4. Thunder and lightning for the last few mins, rain just starting now.
  5. Brightening a little, a bit breezy so far but nothing remarkable yet.
  6. Raining, looking forward to losing power and having an excuse not to work lol.
  7. Because he has the brain of a churlish teenager.
  8. Starting to stick to pavement now, coming down nicely.
  9. Big ole flakes now, still melting on pavement.