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  1. Been pinging away here since I got up this morning. My road is a solid sheet of congealed sleet/ice.
  2. Snowing and blowing out there, beautiful out right now
  3. Boston is still one of the best spots to be, South Shore MA an even better spot. As others have noted, it's likely going to come down to nowcasting mesoscale features to determine whether this is a 12-18" event in eastern areas or if the more outrageous high end totals will be in the cards. If you're going to chase in Eastern MA you're going to get a good snowstorm regardless, but something historic isn't locked in at all IMO.
  4. Involuntary commitment all around. Told my wife I may need to be given the Old Yeller treatment if she starts hearing more of the words "east trend."
  5. I moved here from Peabody in 2018 and jeeeeesus have the winters been boring since then. Looking at the upcoming storm this morning I said "this winter blows" and my wife said "you say that every year" lol.
  6. Happy new year, it’s been like Silent Hill outside for the last couple days lol
  7. Cautiously watching Thursday/Friday. I’m getting married in Durham NH on Friday evening and my fiancée is going to spontaneously combust if we get rained in lol.
  8. I’ll live vicariously through friends/relatives with flooded basements lol
  9. Raining in Salem NH now. There will probably be some noteworthy flooding in Peabody tonight, 3-4" in a relatively short period is easily enough to do it in the usual areas.
  10. Coming down pretty hard at the moment, mostly been a solid moderate rain so far though.
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