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  1. Got a few flakes mixing in here in Salem. Well, they were briefly, anyway. Back to a drizzle. Edit 2: scattered flakes are back lol.
  2. Snowing lightly in Salem, so all in all I'm gonna call this system a win.
  3. Been thinking the same thing, could be the first event where my move inland really pays off.
  4. He should have power back in time for Christmas.
  5. Alaskans and people with night vision goggles
  6. You know what else is pretty interesting? It’s raining, windy too.
  7. I had a dream that there was a nor'easter with 24hrs of 35F rain, and was disappointed to wake up to yet another warm, sunny, and otherwise pleasant day.
  8. Wow, that nest must have had plenty of time to develop undisturbed.
  9. If only the money to be made during prohibition hadn't enticed my ancestors to leave PEI and NS.
  10. Still only about 65 out, a nice morning today.
  11. I’d take a cat 3 over a tornado, at least with a hurricane there’s time to relax and reflect on the impending destruction of my home days ahead of time. I never have the mental strength to follow the convection threads so it’d be too out of the blue to appreciate.
  12. I’m uhhhhh big fan of the dumpster diving range on the last couple runs of the gfs lol