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  1. Greg

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Many of the COOP stations you guys stated are pretty good. I think Bedford, MA (Hanscome Airforce Base) and Middleton, MA are other good ones that are close to us.
  2. I'm actually pleased you posted that from the Blizzard of 2005. You and everybody can clearly see the deviation. I always believed that the 26.0" amount was correct given the majority of the observations around the Boston area at that time.
  3. It doesn't mean I'm laughing at you, it means I'm pleased for you. I guess I should have used another emoji instead but still, good job.
  4. Logan International Airport at 2:00PM had recorded 3.4" of snow. Biggest of the season so far!
  5. I'm sort of surprised you said that. I would give anything to get 9.0" inches again like we did on November 12 but I do know what you mean by your statement based on that it isn't changing to rain and sleet this time just plain snow which has been a rarity this winter.
  6. Your call earlier yesterday was very good. This storm never really had the feeling it was going to come all together to give us a full 4-8" storm but this here is fine and also for many others who don't want to shovel sleet and ice afterwards.
  7. True, for you maybe but at 8:45AM I had 2.8" and 10:30AM I had about 3.0". So I guess we'll see what we can pull off with this final last push.
  8. This is where the Boston to Northshore burbs catch up now as I alluded to earlier.
  9. I think the pike north to southern New Hampshire is going to get that last chunk pivoting down from Vermont. That will give us about another 1-2" for the day. Which in turn will probably catch up to the south coast. Not jack per se, but catch up so it will be somewhat more uniform throughout eastern Mass.
  10. 2.8" here in Wilmington, MA as of 8:45 AM. We'll see if we can squeeze another inch or two throughout the day today.
  11. Greg

    Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

    I'm sorry Scott. I'm with you big time this. As I posted from an earlier post from the weather people in Taunton, we can get front enders but even then those are not that great. The chance of maturing Lows going to our south are remote in this particular winter/set-up. Yes, there's time for a March 1956 like storm or something to hold out for but for the most part this is what we have been seeing since that Novermber 12 snow which by the way, we haven't seen as much here in the heart of our viewing area yet.
  12. Greg

    February 2019 Discussion I

    This winter never really got going.
  13. Greg

    Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

    As many have alluded to, this pattern is not at all conducive for a snowy S New England winter. Don`t expect coastal maturing lows that deliver heavy snows. Open-wave, fast moving disturbances. More than likely persistent front-end thumps that, depending on the preceding environment, whether a stout dip of Arctic air, will deliver mostly an advisory winter weather event, whether snow or a wintry mix, with the risk of warning level snows.
  14. Greg

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I wish we all were predicting what happened here on this date 41 years ago. Oh, boy!!!!