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  1. I know. I just don't know why. It looks fine from my computer terminal here. Oh, well.
  2. They aren't that bad with their forecast. Sometimes they see things a little bit before others. Not saying it's correct but you have to wonder what they see to post this by 8:11PM tonight.
  3. Closing in on 2.0" here in the backyard. Nice little ending to the Winter that never really got going.
  4. Greg

    Feb 13 threat

    1.6" inches exactly before light snizzle began.
  5. I do hear what some are saying about March snow on here. I guess unless you get a storm like March 19-20 1956, 3-4 1960, March 12-14 1888,March 31-April 1 it won't quite have the impact with storms that happen earlier in the season. Yes, 1888 is the super extreme outlier to say the least, but it does show you what can happen even in what seems to be a weak winter so far...
  6. Man, I wish it was 42 years ago on this date in the 1978. Happy anniversary!
  7. Unfortunately, the "Colorado Low" track pattern we have been in so far also known also as Miller "C" storms or Hybrid Lows as some may call them, are not the best pattern for New England in general. Even as far north as past Concord, NH it has been a benign winter so far. Unless you get the Colorado Lows tracking like December 22-23 1975, what you see is what you get. The highs are way too transient this season to allow any storms to stay underneath us for good solid snows. So again, all I can say is " It is what it is."
  8. Same here, Tropical Tidbits seems to have stalled or craped out.
  9. Still would love to see what Nantucket got. I know they had about 0.49" this morning of liquid but curious what they got out of that in terms of snow. Seems MYV is the jack in this so far based on the BOX Map.
  10. Nice sheet of sleet and Ice here on the porch, walkway and driveway. Light snow as of now. Been going on for about an hour as of now.