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  1. Keep the Ice Storm potential away please. Ice sucks! Period! It is the most dangerous form of precipitation know to man and beast.
  2. The Rutland amount looks a little weenish. Did they lean that stick?
  3. That ribbon of snow seemed to provide a 3-5" swath from Western / Southwestern, CT all the way to Eastern, Northeastern, MA. Not bad.
  4. Started very light flurries here a moment ago.
  5. I'm not only the President of the Anafront for Weather, but I'm also a client.
  6. They yellow shading color needed to be slightly further southeast into the Western Essex and Southeastern Middlesex County in Massachusetts on that map. Yesterday I had just shy of 19.0" with about 16.0" of snow on the ground in Wilmington, MA. So this map is better to look at but accuracy needs to be very slightly improved.
  7. Logan International Airport … 7.1"
  8. It looks like January 3rd instead of December 3rd out there!
  9. They made sure they didn't wipe the board off every 3 hours.
  10. I measured 17.2" at 10:55 AM with 14.5" on the ground at that time. With all this now it must be pushing over 19.0" since then. I'll measure when this band is all said and done.
  11. Man look at that radar from NH! That band coming down right around Route 3 and Route 93, I'm right in the crosshairs at this swath/band!