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  1. I see Vermont is on Massachusetts quarantine list now. Hawaii is all that’s left. If I’m not mistaken, there are other states that have lower percentages than Massachusetts. At this point these 2 week quarantine orders or negative test are ridiculous. There aren’t too many states left with those orders in place. And the few that do say it’s voluntary. I think maybe Maine and Vermont have a mandatory and/or penalty associated with it. Things change so fast I can’t keep up. But all these states need to do away with it. It’s not helping anything that I can see and it just costs people money to test.
  2. We did our CVS drive thru test on Wednesday morning. Even though I think it’s garbage, we did the PCR test since the kids school and my work follows state guidelines. Interesting test. We sat in a taxi van and we relayed the confirmation numbers to the nurse at the window through the driver who’s first language was Hindi. The test was a self administered nose swab. She handed the kits in bags to us through the window and watched us do the swab and put the swab into the little vial. We then handed the zip lock bags back to the driver who passed them thru the window. The driver said he’s taken a quite a few Disney guests to that location. CVS said 3-5 days. Today us just day 2. I have an app on my phone we can check to get the results.
  3. Not a fan. My sister in law and her husband lived in Glen Bernie and Linthicum for 30 years.
  4. We had a cabana for the day at stormalong. Lunch and drinks from Hannah’s
  5. Haven’t eaten yet. Reservations at the Brown Derby at 7:10. Spent the day at the pool. I think it hit 82 today. Back to Massachusetts tomorrow. No Covid test results yet, but CVS told us 3-5 days.
  6. We have spectrum here. I hate them. They gave an antiquated system of using a tuning adaptor that calls for channels that aren’t being used on a particular node. Their bandwidth is too small to push every frequency so they hold back some channels until they’re called for. If you have a box, it’s not an issue. But we have TiVos, 3 of them, and they all require the stupid tuning adapter. We have to reboot it at lest 3 times a week and it craps the bed invariably at a time we are recording something
  7. My wife signed up for the appointment online and we got confirmation numbers. Getting the names matched up with the numbers and having to communicate that through a driver who’s first language is Hindi was a little tough but we got it done.
  8. Said 3-5 days. So we’ll see. I have to go to work Monday and the kids back to school, so hopefully we’ll have them by Sunday.
  9. Went to CVS this morning and did my Covid testing duty before returning to Massachusetts. Did it in line in a Meers taxi van. They handed us 4 test kits through the drivers side window. We sat there while the lady watched us swab.
  10. The early rapid tests could pop a false positive due to cross reactivity with other similar coronavirus’. The newer one is pretty specific. My opinion is that if you are positive on the rapid test, there’s enough virus to have symptoms and be contagious. The estimate to test every person 3 times a week with the rapid test would cost 7 billion a week. That 200 billion for 6 months. That’s peanuts compared to what we spent and will spend on Covid relief money. Like I posted before, companies are just following state guidelines. The state says you have to have a PCR test in order to not quarantine for 2 weeks.
  11. Tough to give you a concise answer. The false negative rate, which is the most important, has been touted as anywhere from 2% to 14%. But you have to understand how they come up with those numbers. The rapid test is compared to the PCR test which is considered “the gold standard” (cough cough, BS). So for example, if someone test negative by the rapid test, but test “positive” by PCR, the rapid test in that case is considered a false negative. But is it really? If the PCR test showed a positive at a Ct of 39, I would say the PCR test is a false positive and the rapid test is spot on. Id have to dig a little and see if anyone has compared the rapid test to the real gold standard which is viral replication assays. Without a ton of research, I’d guess the false negative rate for the rapid test isn’t much worse than what Abbott says, which is around 3-4%