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  1. I was in Wilmington, NC for a few days. Came back today thru Reagan National. Here the flight path.
  2. Stein Stein, everywhere there's Stein. Fail
  3. Where’s this “fog and low cloud burn off”? Figures the weekend is in the toilet sun wise.
  4. I’ve backwashed mine twice in the last few days. Right now it’s almost to the top of the coping again. Can’t keep the pH regulated for shyte. And my salt is down to 2800 ppm. I didn’t add one bag all last season after I opened.
  5. I’ve been off work since Friday. Friday was a decent day here, considering. The last 4 have been a disaster. Figures tomorrow will be sunny and 85. May have to “work from home” tomorrow. Hellava way to run a 4th of July.
  6. Stein, Stein, everywhere there's Stein. Cant you read the signs
  7. Back half of July and most of August wasn't that bad if I remember right. It finally cleared up and we got some decent heat for those of us who like some warm to hot summer weather. But June was terrible, just like this.
  8. Thanks god this disaster of a month is about over. Just awful. Hellava way to run a summer. 2009 PTSD
  9. Not really. There's always been this level of dumb. Its just you didn't know about it because there was no internet. Now these stupid ba$tards have away to seek out each other and communicate.
  10. Me too. The warm season is short enough with out losing June. Now its almost July. Said it before, the older I get, the harder it is to live here weather wise. My retirement house on the intercoastal in Wilmington, NC is looking pretty good.
  11. I'm at 29 AQI right now. Looks like CT gets the brunt today
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