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  1. Eh. Depends on where the district is. My son is a freshman and he’s had a pretty normal year except for the masks. Been in school everyday, fall football went off without a hitch, homecoming dance, etc. Had a remote day last Friday instead of a snow day. He goes to a multi town vo tech highschool. Right now they have 22 active cases out of 1500 kids and staff. Meh
  2. That sux man! Hope your family gets home ok. We went back to masks in July. We were out for about 6 weeks at the end of May. That 6 weeks was awesome. But honestly we only wear them past security. Once we get upstairs we pull them down once we get to the desk. And we eat together maskless in the lunch area, so eh. We refuse to wear them in the lab. Almost 2 years of glasses fogging up is enough. We still only have about 25% of people coming in to work onsite. It’s still like a tomb and I’m sure next month might be even less people. Actually I kind of like it. As long as school stays open I’ll be happy. My kids were in school full time, football season went off without a hitch, the boy started every game at strong safety, and both kids had straight As. And nobody has had Covid in my house that we know. And House says one more year of this, maybe 18 months. Happy new year.
  3. My local Burger King has a sign up for $17 an hour. No takers. I asked the manager when I was in there today. But a whopper is $6.20! I got 2 whoppers, 2 whopper juniors, and 3 fries and it was almost $30.
  4. What’s up bitches? House is back in the house where the fook is my snow? Looks like July out there!
  5. I also said I have a fireplace insert and I cook with it too. I have a pool heat pump too. Basically a big boat anchor. They don’t work on the ends of the pool season when you really want heat. And they use more electricity than touted.
  6. I have about the same. I have a 400,000 btu heater. I own my tanks. I have 2, 150 gallon tanks. I fill up maybe 4 times a year but I also have a fireplace insert. I get heating price for the gas which generally runs around $1.80 a gallon. I spend around $1800 a year for gas. With the heater we use the pool from early May into October. Heater was $1800 and I installed it myself. I bought my tanks. Cost of the install, final heater connection and permit was $2000. If you have natural gas it’s much cheaper to install. And natural gas cost less than half of propane on a btu basis.
  7. My brother got both his snipped out from his Tundra while he was in a restaurant a couple weeks ago. Happened in Dallas.
  8. With Marylin Chambers. But I date myself.
  9. I even stacked my lounge chairs up on the pool deck, took the umbrella out of its stand, moved the deck box under cover, and got 15 gallons of gas for the Ginny. Not to mention I got to drag the generator back down to the shed. Gonna need a hellava lot of snow this winter to burn that much gas in the Ariens.
  10. I’m gusting to 12, maybe 15 at times
  11. Big nothing here in my part of Worcester county. I’ve seen worse afternoon thunderstorms produce more wind and rain.
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