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  1. I’ve seen a few. But very few and far between.
  2. December was ok. Otherwise...pretty much. Im hoping for front loaded. Dec-March. I’d love to have at least one April that doesn’t suck.
  3. Not yet. Get through Halloween and then talk to me. Damn dewy today. 64. I’d have guessed higher. Just finished mowing the yard and I’m drenched. Pool time!
  4. No thanks on the Ampol. I’m not innocent either. We all have biases. I’m probably 180 degrees politically from a lot on here. That’s ok. What makes the world go round. The whole thing has turned way too political. There’s good arguments on either side. But we have to find a way to come together on it. My bigger concern with the whole thing was out of area moderators showing up over night threatening to ban New Englanders from their own forum. That’s unacceptable. And Taunton is right, we never did find out how much a Market Basket manger makes. Burning question.
  5. Christmas in July i actually passed a house last night on Rt140 that had Christmas lights on the hedges
  6. Bout finished. That’s lines hauling
  7. Yea, no Shyte! 30 minutes ago I was siting on my pool deck in the bright sun and 84 degrees. Moved in quick
  8. Comin a toad strangler her in the ‘Ville. Ton of wind
  9. Ever heard of auto correct fooking up stuff? Or are you just pissed I was right? BTW, how did your little snow storm work out? You fools invested a weeks worth of wasted time and countless hours of your employers valuable time looking at models when you should have been working. BWAHAHA
  10. He's basically talking about you, fool.And Tips right, 3/4 of you on here, some mets included, need help. I've never seen a group of people who's well being depends on cold and snow. Have a great winter. As a cold and snow hater, I hope you all melt down to a little puddle.
  11. I opened mine last week. My neighbor waits until late May and always has a green mess. Takes him at least 2 weeks and several hundred dollars worth of chlorine to clear it. Not to mention a waste of water backwashing the crap out of the filter. I open mine up in late April, as clean as it was when I closed it Columbus day. Open it up, pour in a little Clorox up to 5 ppm, adjust the pH to 7.4 with some borax, throw in the robot, and I’m done. Run the pump on low speed for 8 hours a day. If we do get a nice warm weekend, I turn on the NG heater and crank that 14,000 gallons to 85 and throw the kids in. I wouldnt have a pool in NE without a heater. And electric costs arent that much. Get a 2 speed or variable speed pump and it cuts the bill by 2/3rds at least. My pool cost maybe $25 a month to run.
  12. I've heard it postulated it could have something to do with the final stratospheric warming event that takes place every spring. These warmings occur every winter on and off, butn there is usually one final event in late March or thereabouts that set up the late spring/ summer vortex configuration. Every SW event usually pushes cold air to lower lattitudes with somewhat of a lag, maybe 2 up to 3 weeks. So if a final warming event occurs say the end of March, the cold spell would/could coincide around the 3rd week of april. Other forces are at work im sure, but its plausible.
  13. You weather knowledege knows no bounds. i am in awe You have a great day