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  1. .83" of rain here in the storm that came through overnight. Lots of lightning too. Fun!
  2. What are the standard Intro to Meteorology textbooks being used in college courses these days? I'm a physicist by training and taught at the University level. In physics there are standard texts that most everyone uses (eg Halliday and Resnick) and similarly in Astronomy (Abell or about a dozen others). Are there similar texts in Meteorology? (And are they available used? Heh.) Thanks for any advice.
  3. Still falling here, the winds have died down but the rate is about the same as it's been since 9 AM. Maybe something like a foot and a half here on average? Big drifts. It's going to be a while before we get plowed out. Looks like I'm the first one along the lane to venture out.
  4. Looking out over Narragansett bay toward Quonset airport IMG_1361.mov
  5. Starting to really pick up here. Winds 30 gusting to 40. IMG_1359.mov
  6. Band moving across RI is pounding right now. Visibility down, winds really cranking. Just saw a report that all the main bridges over the bay are all closed until 8 PM tonight.
  7. Good morning from Wickford and town beach. Blowing, drifting snow here. Snow drift in front is already blocking us from opening the storm door. Winds 24 gusting to 35, 24 F, wet bulb 26.
  8. Light flakes started about 10 minutes ago here on the West Bay in RI
  9. Winds are starting to crank at NK Town Beach this morning - high gust so far is 46 mph. Power just went out. Waiting for dawn to see what the tree situation is like. Storm total is 1.73" so far according to the Davis in the backyard by the water.
  10. 3.98" storm total in my backyard. Winds gusted to 33 mph, but no trees down and we still have power. Looks like most of RI escaped the worst of it.
  11. Yah - Wickford is out, Saunderstown is out and pretty much everything south. We lost power around 11.
  12. Just had a call from NK Emergency services. Brown St. in Wickford is flooding and told to avoid.
  13. Raining off and on. About .3" so far. Winds N 25 mph gusting to 35. 1004 mb. With high tide the waves off the bay are coming over the seawall here at town beach, but no more than in a good nor'easter. Lights have flashed a couple of times, but so far okay.
  14. Winds NNE 19 mph (gusting to 26) this morning at NK Town Beach.
  15. Heaviest snow so far today. Temp's been holding at 33, wind's ~20 out of the NE. Not much accumulation on the ground here near the water, but the sides of the trees are all pasted up.
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