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Feb 18-19 Storm Obs/Discussion


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8 minutes ago, Kitzbuhel Craver said:

On the edge here, hoping that NYC stuff can make it up to MBY. Still rockin some Dimmed  Dim Sun.

No dim sum here..it was actually partly sunny 40 min ago, but got dark fast here again. I’ll gladly take 3-5” on top of the solid pack still in place here. 

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24 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

Looks pretty solid for SW CT crew...



Socking the old homefront in NNJ.  They must be comfortably ahead of my place for total snowfall.  From my incomplete records, the only winters when inland NNJ had more snow than the Farmington co-op were 1960-61 and 66-67, possibly 09-10 as well but I don't have good numbers from NNJ for that.

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2 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

The first low in modern history to originate from the Gulf, pelt DC and bury west of them and then head ENE.  999,999 out of 1,000,000 times we'd be heading for a SWFE.

This winter has been a tease all the time

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Just now, Hoth said:

Really? Haven't even seen flakes in downtown NH yet. Should arrive any minute though. 

Ya just came in from a quick 3 mile run. At mile 1 it wasn’t even snowing but by mile 3 the roads were already getting covered. Comes in fast and sticks without issue. 

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