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  1. Incredible thundies here. Wicked CTG and solid downbursts of rain for about 5 - 7 minutes. Still need a solid 3 or 4 layer COSTCO layer of TP in the britches so I am guessing Kev wins again?
  2. Made it to 8” here as it winds down. Good luck to everyone in the cross hairs! .
  3. Same here, just reached 7. Let’s get to 8” before it shuts off .
  4. It was about a 20 minute mix with pingers here and now just enormous flakes. Hopefully can pull off another couple of inches
  5. Just over 6" before the sleet mixed in, I'd say 70/30 sleet/snow right now. Areas that do stay all snow in this band are going to get rocked
  6. Death band has arrived. 6" new and heavy snow, winds have gone from dead calm to quite breezy in this band. Hopefully the power stays on, we shall see.
  7. 5" new here, heavy snow. 32/30 with some branches starting to pop in the backyard. Fun times
  8. Virtually all the EPS members go right over ACK which lends confidence in this almost being a lock at this point.
  9. Yeah it goes from just SE of AC to right over ACK, about as good as you can get for the majority of the snow addicts here
  10. 6z GFS coming in with a better precip shield and a tick up in QPF on the NW flank, with the low exiting off AC versus Virginia Beach on the 0z run, nice to see. Hopefully this holds or continues to ramp up throughout today's runs.
  11. Thankfully, NNE has graciously offered up their snow for down here so we along the coast won’t have to go to blows with any of our northern family members .
  12. Cracked the 4" mark at last. 4.25" new still coming down lightly