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  1. Yup. Nice to see a flip from the summer pattern to a stormy one just in time for our emerging cold season. .
  2. Looks like a 6 hour window tomorrow morning through 2-3pm with some drenching rain and some wind gusts. Nothing memorable .
  3. Did we just make the list? Somewhat concerned. We beer
  4. Funny when you zoom in and see strap hangers very orderly and still waiting for their train lol .
  5. This is the culprit currently out over the north shore. .
  6. Gotta do what you gotta do. Epic .
  7. And people still driving down the street like nothing is happening. .
  8. All joking aside, this is the heaviest sustained rain I’ve ever witnessed here. I’m sure it’s a complete shit show on the roads and in backyards around here. Incredible display of power by Mother Nature. .
  9. You’d have to go at least 20% tip for that ride at a min. .
  10. Getting into the heavy heavy stuff now, some lightning and a random rumble of thunder. It's strange and pleasant to experience tropical remnants with such a refreshingly cool breeze. Should be outta here in an hour or two and then on to delightfully enjoyable early Autumn weather.
  11. Supplies have been replenished per survival guidelines. So yes.
  12. Yawn-Ri precautions and action plans have been dusted off and are now in effect. No biggie, just another 5-7" of rain and some flash flooding.
  13. Trucks (GM, Dodge and Ford) rock. Cars have been awful. We are out of the car biz thankfully. .
  14. Russia Today? Hopefully not too many clicked your link because if they did they are now compromat. .
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