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  1. No, have disrobed though Best looking system at this range in a few years. Looking forward to it
  2. Of course. Doesn't take much more than a few flakes these days
  3. Coming down nicely here now. First flakes were small and had grains. Pleasant site to see .
  4. Radar is coming in hot down here it appears, will report when it arrives
  5. This one is not a classic Omega block, but close. Maybe you are thinking about a banana high? That would be much better and have much colder air to work with. At any rate, it might make the storm move slowly and provide more precip assuming the Euro has the right idea.
  6. V16 is crawling out on Pivotal, so we will see if the soon to be operational agrees with the short timer
  7. Euro tickles SWCT with 850 temps at +1 for a couple of hours late Tuesday afternoon but nothing like what the GFS is showing. If the NAM starts showing this tonight then it's time to hit the lithium for the coastal dwellers....
  8. GFS is alone with rain at this point, but it would be another kick in the nuts just when you thought things were looking good.
  9. Love the look along the coast Weds afternoon for round 2. Could reach 6"+ in some spots if that verifies
  10. Mean tightened up a bit from 0z, as others have said, nice signal all we can ask for at this range
  11. Slow mover trapped under what looks like an Omega block