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  1. Wait, no torch in Morch or are we Morching?
  2. So consensus is major SNE snowstorm next Weds March 3rd then?
  3. Is it ok if we just model watch as a hobby? Some of us just like that and not all the other stuff. Thanks Wolfie .
  4. .5" here before the slush. 34.3" in February and 46.05" for the season. February has reached legendary status here
  5. Hopefully someone get smoked with this
  6. 1/2" on colder surfaces. Hell of a radar blob moving in here in a few minutes, will report on it
  7. Dumpage here. Snow Gods are just delivering the goods
  8. Snowing moderately now down here. Down to 34f
  9. Mostly snow here temp down to 34f...we fight for snow here
  10. 1.5 miles snow has picked up now with the heavier radar returns. .
  11. Flakes falling here. 39/30 will need dynamics and magic to keep it going for much longer .
  12. 6" total for the event over 2 days.