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  1. Ginxy! We snow then we melt, then we snow. .
  2. Thanks Hubb, good to be back. .
  3. Up to 5”, hoping we can pull off 6 .
  4. Yep I’ve been checking bkit all day. We’ve lost the great flake production (just large now, no medium or small) which was advertised to last for only several hours. Up to 4.75” here. Very picturesque scene none the less. .
  5. Take em up to 10”+ coast and higher inland with ratios? .
  6. 4” now...still ripping heavy hopefully we can reach the top end range. .
  7. Easily 1” an hour here on the coast and might even be closer to 2” per. Only limiting factor is precip winding down earlier than originally progged. We’ll send those rates up your way shortly. .
  8. 3” down here, just had a branch come down in back yard. Big beautiful flakes. .
  9. Really coming down here. 1.5” new. Not a breath of wind either. Easy measuring later. .
  10. Possible 3/20-3/21 Coastal Storm

    Check the last several runs. It's been consistent WRT with this storm, no major swings like the current OP GFS.
  11. Possible 3/20-3/21 Coastal Storm

    See for yourself > http://mageval.ncep.noaa.gov/model-guidance-model-area.php
  12. Observations for Jan 24/25 snowstorm

    5" here in Norwalk, still snowing.....
  13. Friday 01/09 Light snow event w/ Observations

    Dumpage....1/4 mile vis at best
  14. T-Storms Part 2 : "North and West of the city!"

    Fun here. Nickels and dimes fell with wicked lighting and thunder and torrential downpours. Power flickered a few times, but it's steady on now.