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  1. Indeed. Juicing up the 1am to 7am period esp down the coast .
  2. Got you covered. 1-2 for me, 3-4 for you .
  3. We’ll take a 1 or 2 down here Jerry if you guys can spare it .
  4. So 3-6 coast and 4-8 inland? Asking for a friend
  5. Your outlook is the only outlook I read from beginning to end. Right or wrong, I admire your sackitude .
  6. Just busting balls. PSA I guess with the misspell. Lots of amazing manly manly men men here in this forum. Go get your balls and dangle parts checked out. .
  7. Speaking of prostates, any ticklers out there for fellers who need them? .
  8. You have stepped your game up Paul. I am a proud weenie
  9. You are readable when you are toned down, but mostly just COC assured at such a young age. You rub many the wrong way.
  10. Snowing here in Norwalk, earlier than expected
  11. Mostly pingers but some flakes mixing in now here. .
  12. Precip worked back in here, pingers bouncing all over. 28/22