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  1. Just do this for now
  2. I think this is the time where we take the regulator off the power of the United States. Unleash the power of the Republic for each and every person who resides in our country. Give people some comfort knowing the bills will be paid. This is the time.
  3. They handled the Stim program "fairly well". Kushner is running the public program so I don't see why he couldn't arrange for something large, like the monthly payment program. Think about how relieved most Americans would feel if they knew that was coming. It can work if done right.
  4. Oh yeah. This is OUR YEAR. We legit
  5. On paper Anthony. You know how it goes with injuries but I'm down with the format if they can get it done. Should be fun!
  6. Twelve hundy is 2.5 weeks of groceries for a family of four in these parts lol. The GOV should be taking this time to figure out the next round and do it appropriately. They have all the data so there shouldn't be ANY excuses on how to do it. It will have to be the most MASSIVE distro of cash ever conceived. Let's call it the Manhattan Project for Economic Relief.
  7. Ok, check. It wasn't an issue politically for me back then. Now it is.
  8. We haven't even scratched the surface on the economic carnage yet. It's going to require a LOT more than twelve hundy per to get this thing back off the ground. $2000 per person plus $500 per child per month for everyone on the payroll sounds good, but might not be enough. That's why you wipe the ass and shit twice on it.
  9. The $600 we got back then wasn't during a potential extinction event. Plus, we had a real President who wasn't using the event to further his own destiny. Thoughts?
  10. The thing is, if the signatory wasn't pure human scum, the message was actually unifying. We'll go ahead and put it on the fridge along side all the other failures of this nightmare administration.
  11. Anyone else get their campaign letter from Drumpf today with the pump up bullshit about the stimulus payment? This administration is so far beyond propaganda, the Soviet Union must be blushing with glee. .
  12. Sshhh. It’s a hoax. We pray it doesn’t kill more of our brothers and sisters. .