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  1. Check the last several runs. It's been consistent WRT with this storm, no major swings like the current OP GFS.
  2. See for yourself > http://mageval.ncep.noaa.gov/model-guidance-model-area.php
  3. 5" here in Norwalk, still snowing.....
  4. Dumpage....1/4 mile vis at best
  5. Fun here. Nickels and dimes fell with wicked lighting and thunder and torrential downpours. Power flickered a few times, but it's steady on now.
  6. Hopefully you die in a pleasant way very soon
  7. This Is not better than this Kid yourselves though....
  8. Crickets......no super storm
  9. At 12 hours, you can see the slight nuances in the amplitude of the northern Alaskan ridging coupled with the downstream effects on the north Atlantic Pacific Northern Pacific Pattern
  10. I share the enthusiasm, but sheer will rarely works well with the weather. All good
  11. Not exciting.....
  12. Right, exactly.....if the Euro decides to go in another direction, then we should probably concerned (I'm talking about a major shift east, south, etc.) Otherwise, if it comes into the same slot as these 3, then we are good......
  13. I mean, you can't really get any better than this for 5 days out on progs.....
  14. GGEM looks amazing (if you focus on everything but the precip panel)....
  15. Yeah, policy is policy. I think we'll have a good idea by the 0z runs tonight if this one is for real, but overnight runs were very discouraging, to say the least....