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  1. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    Looking pretty likely, isn’t this just gonna rot in the GOM and push that NW flow over the spine? I’m heading up for sure...
  2. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Is it just me or could this upcoming storm be one of the best of the winter for the Greens? QPF is ramping up every run and almost every storm has over performed up there this winter it seems. Is the synoptic portion of the storm providing some of the projected frozen or is this a pure closed low upslope event?
  3. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Of course, just poking the nest a bit, lol. I’m kinda checked out personally and not expecting much, but still would be happy with an unexpected surprise if it were in the cards
  4. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    For most huh... who are the have nots?
  5. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Is there a strong HP for this potential threat? Being so late in the season and climo kicking in, it doesn’t look terribly cold in SNE during said period.
  6. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    It’s a picture perfect story book ending to this winter. N. Greens end up with 20” out of nowhere while we blow what looked like a nice pattern for a coastal and get 0.0. Seems about right...
  7. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

  8. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    “The Goon” lurks in the shadows...
  9. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Completely neutered, just crusty piles and mud
  10. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Maybe... But, 06z GFS OP(caveats apply)was a cats whisker away from full phase job for our last gasp of winter next week
  11. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Saw this coming a mile away, I knew today was gonna be sweet. Unfortunately didn’t have anyone to make the 9hr round trip journey with, so a missed opportunity. Bummer.
  12. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Jay reporting 12-15” of overnight upslope blower pow...
  13. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March Disco

    Any updates on the 17th-24th window for a potential coastal? Ryan just posted the EURO ens mean, still a signal out there...
  14. Kitzbuhel Craver

    NNE Winter Thread

    Definitely hitting this up, question is are the winds likely to still be an issue Tuesday?
  15. Kitzbuhel Craver

    March 10 2019 Snow to Mix Event

    Nice setup in Moosefart land. Jay cloud is gonna do its thing. Me thinks Tuesday will be quite the pow day.