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  1. Yup. This train leaves at 4:00am sharp tomorrow morn to Jay for what should be THE pow day of the season thus far.
  2. Me thinks Jay Peak is gonna clean up. 2ft incoming. Gas up the Winny, I’m there.
  3. I’ve worked turf at all levels, from elite country clubs to Municipal tracks and the struggle does not discriminate. Like you eluded to earlier, we aren’t in SC and the seasonality of the sport in New England makes it even tougher.
  4. Yeah, this is a misconception. After the Tiger Boom, the golf industry as a whole has taken a hit. Not as much interest in the sport overall has led to dwindling profit margins.
  5. Product of the entire industry, courses closing more and more.
  6. 33 degree misery mist. Yesssssss!!!!!
  7. You’d be surprised. I’ve been working golf courses for the last 20 yrs during the educational off season. During a wet winter/early spring, the roots of the turf remain quite shallow and become “comfortable”. If you get a torched period in late April/early May when the turf is trying to establish itself you’ll end up with cooked turf that struggles to recover, if at all. When it’s a relatively dry ,not drought conditions, but not overly wet, the root system diggs deeper to go find the water. This results in a healthier, drought & disease resistant turf when the heat and stronger sun comes.
  8. Oooo....That would be great. Love to meet the crew and swing the sticks! Not too far from my home town of East Granby.
  9. Im on the fence. There most likely will be snow between now and the end of March. However, I’m all set with enduring another gradient pattern where we seem to have been on the wrong side of it this winter. At this point Sloppy SWFE’s aren’t all that exciting. Keep the 3-5” inches of crap.
  10. His chances are not our chances. Moose Fart for the win.
  11. I’m about to go back into full golf mode. I have been doing weight training and swinging my “momentus”(love that freakin thing, it has done wonders for my game) If this winter isn’t gonna let us out, I’m gonna use this POS to get an edge for the upcoming season. Start to book some times and get out as much as possible for the remainder of the winter(I’ve already played twice in the heart of New England meteorological winter, unreal)as long as we stay in this pattern.
  12. Not that it matters, this POS is done... But, I love that min over all of CT. Lol
  13. Helluva winter we are having Fellas... When do we bust out the “R” word? I’m close, so FN close. I hate this winter more than last, I thought that was impossible. This is regression. Where’s NEMO?!