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  1. looking at last night’s and this morning’s stuff. I’m thinking this will be the apex down here after this last refresher as far as pack sustainability and the deep winter look. Sure, we might have some more chances, but it will be a step down process from here. JMO...
  2. Just over 5” here... that last burst was such pure fluff, stacked quite nicely.
  3. This last band is the most consolidated radar presentation of the entire event. Roads coated and solid moderate with good flakes. Nice parting gift.
  4. Looks like another 1.5” overnight and some mood flakes this morning. Hat tip to Ray, Scooter and Ryan, it’s nice to have some snow and it keeps the winter appeal going, so I’m not complaining by any stretch, but this event is kinda meh. What’s the best free radar product out there? I’m really scratching my head with why they got rid of the old one and replaced it with absolute trash. That was my go-to for checking radar.
  5. Ehhh, really? although my location is arguably on the southern most extent of the middle third of the state we barely measured 2”.
  6. Lookin like about 2” for round one... Thought I would’ve done slightly better.
  7. On the edge here, hoping that NYC stuff can make it up to MBY. Still rockin some Dimmed Dim Sun.
  8. Looks like much of the current slug of moisture in the MA goes through the grinder as it pushes ENE.
  9. my fantasy 10” play toy in actuality is a measly 3.8”. To all the women out there, I get it, I understand now. I’m sorry.
  10. Could be slipping away down here... Ryan just tweeted out, “a few inches over a couple of days, this is no big deal”
  11. “Tommy wikey. Tommy wanna pway wif puaple bal-bal” LOL
  12. I’ll take my 10” clown and run. Please and thank you.
  13. Yeah. I really did think you would have a great season up there relative to average. LBSW was and is a persistent theme this winter and a detriment to your area. That does suck, I feel for some of the posters who have gotten a serious cosmic dildo thus far.
  14. I mean cmon guys, I can’t speak for everyone but MBY pack survived the warm up with a solid 6” of glacier left. We have a nice refresher coming, advisory north(or more) and most likely low end warning criteria south and a nice long duration, which I view as a positive for winter vibes. This event keeps the deep winter feel going. SNAP OUT OF IT WEENIES. LFG!
  15. Wondering what the farthest northern reach of this refresher will be... I’m calling and being generous with the over, nothing north of 84. We’ll see...
  16. I am 100% a pack fetish weenie. I love it man, keep it going!!
  17. Right! Unbelievable deep winter look this morning. I love the look of fresh pack with arctic cold, gives you that mystical sparkle
  18. Lol, ninja’d that... But in all seriousness, I said congrats up north, looks like a better shot at verifying up that way.