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54 minutes ago, ErinInTheSky said:

I'm getting some light freezing drizzle in Germantown. Not much on radar though. I hope all of you have shoveled already - this stuff has settled and is now basically packed ice that cannot be shoveled. The plows created these ice mountains in front of cars - I feel so bad for them tomorrow lol...




NICE STORM! If that is sleet, you can expect it to compact and transform into a glacier. Then you'll be forced to walk like a penguin, or else slide around on it like a lemming as you try to descend hills. I remember 1994 all too well. Those ice mountains in front of the cars, will have to be picked thru with a pick the hard way by tomorrow morning. You could also use a Jebman Shovel........

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5 hours ago, diatae said:

My 38lb dog just scampered across the sleet covered grass without leaving a single paw print. We're officially encased. 27/27 La Plata

Took my dogs out to pee before bed. They slipped everywhere. It was kind of cute but also scary because of the porch steps. 

There icing is worse than the ice storm the other day. This warrants a WSW far more than the sleet from this morning. It's outright treacherous. 

28 in Chevy Chase, and it feels very cold with the mist. 

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6 hours ago, MN Transplant said:



6 hours ago, WxUSAF said:

At this point is probably not a warm layer, it’s just shallow stratus. Clouds aren’t deep enough to have ice nuclei available for snow crystals. So you get weak precipitation as fzdz. 

Seems like a total roast job right around 850 reported around 7PM. But what you said would still stand right? Could formation be shallow enough to 'bypass' that layer? Sounds kind of outlandish since it would be like, fog drizzle, but I'm not really familiar and might be reading this all wrong. 

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