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  1. GFS is 4-6" for everyone... closer than 06Z but not quite incredible
  2. Has there been any talk of the freezing rain with this storm? The HRRR gives DC more than a quarter inch, with close by getting over an inch.
  3. 850 0 degree line passes DC at 36 but then goes back southeastward by 39
  4. 7.5" in Eldersburg. Solid storm.
  5. 4.5", snow has picked back up to moderate
  6. Great rates here in that band. 2" now and climbing.
  7. 12 Z RAP destroys everyone, .7" of QPF+ for everyone after 12Z... Still going at 4 PM today.
  8. 1.4" about here. Moderate snow now.
  9. Changeover to sleet in Eldersburg, 35 degrees.