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  1. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Has there been any talk of the freezing rain with this storm? The HRRR gives DC more than a quarter inch, with close by getting over an inch.
  2. March 13/14th PSU Storm

    850 0 degree line passes DC at 36 but then goes back southeastward by 39
  3. January 22-23 Storm Threat

    RGEM looks good for the Philly area
  4. January 22-23 Storm Threat

    It's around a foot for Philly area.
  5. There's more that fell before that frame
  6. Mid Atlantic Snow totals thread for winter 2014/15

    3/20- 2" Year total: 36"
  7. Mid Atlantic Snow totals thread for winter 2014/15

    3/1- 1" 3/5- 7.5" Year totals- 34"
  8. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    7.5" in Eldersburg. Solid storm.
  9. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    4.5", snow has picked back up to moderate
  10. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    3.5" with moderate snow.
  11. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    Great rates here in that band. 2" now and climbing.
  12. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    12 Z RAP destroys everyone, .7" of QPF+ for everyone after 12Z... Still going at 4 PM today.
  13. March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    1.4" about here. Moderate snow now.
  14. March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

    Changeover to sleet in Eldersburg, 35 degrees.
  15. March 5 Snow Thread-Model Discussion ONLY

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