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Ice/Snow threat Friday-Sunday


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Talk about rubbing salt into the wound.  RAH beats all.  They issue a WSW after the worst of the event.
WSW for Rockingham County issued at 9:58A. Based on public safety radio traffic, trees are down all over the county.
Eden is at 33.2/32.9 and just light rain.
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My power and internet have been out for a couple of hours now.  Barely able to post with cellular internet.  (Don’t get me started about AT&T.)

Generac is running, but the fuel costs are adding up in the head.

RAH staff really need to revisit how they handled this event.  They completely blew off the RHHH and NAM.  Kudos to Tim Buckley for talking about this early and warning people.

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The temperature at my location just west of Eden went above freezing at 6:20am and currently sits at 32.9. I ended up with right at .10" ice accumulation on trees and elevated surfaces.

Driving around Rockingham County and into the Ridgeway area of Henry County VA earlier I found ice accumulations that varied from only a trace in the center of Eden, to as much as .30" in the Wentworth and Western Reidsville areas. Ridgeway had what appeared to be between .25 and .30".  The only place I took the time to get out of the car and measure was in Reidsville.

The picture below shows Eden at the intersection of NC Hwy 14 and Stadium Drive on the left where little if any ice accumulation can be seen, and a picture from Reidsville near the intersection of Business Hwy 29 and US Hwy 158 on the right where I measured .30". I have seen this scenario play many times over the years where inside the city limits of Eden only marginal accumulations of ice occur while areas immediately surrounding the city have significant amounts. 


I have found that the HRRR and the 3k NAM usually do well with the topography in this area, especially in situations involving freezing rain. For example, below is an image from the HRRR where the Dan River Basin shows up quite well. It's easy to identify where the Dan River flows out of Patrick County Virginia into Stokes County, and the Mayo and Smith Rivers flow out of Henry County Virginia and feed into the Dan in Rockingham County. Driving around today I was able to confirm that both the HRRR and the 3K NAM did very well in identifying what locations would see the highest accumulations of ice from this event. 


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I'm curious about an observation I made coming home into Kville yesterday from Thomasville.  Not much ice had accrued in the trees except where I was passing highways 311 and both 40s coming back 66 into Kville from the south. The trees at those ramps and along the interstates were pretty white with ice, where once you got away from the highways there was little. Curious as to thoughts as to why. Is it because of the air movement from the traffic,  the topography where they cut into the land for the highways, or some other nefarious contribution? Just curious. 

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I drove interstate from Gibsonville to Hwy 29N to Brown Summit and thru the country back to Gibsonville. More trees and limbs down in Brown Summit than here. We lost power for about two hours this morning.  Car said 32 degrees for the entire trip

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